School Boy

Marcel Styles, the complete nerd of Springhollow High School, gets shoved into his locker for the last time. The young brit can't take the constant bullying anymore, he confides in the one friend he can actually trust, Valerie Hudson as he is crying his eyes out, just spilling out his feelings in the texts he sends her.


9. I Refuse To Talk To You

Marcel's POV

I was beginning to get worried about Valerie. She didn't call or visit last night. I picked up my phone and called her. "Uh.. hello..?" she answered quietly. "Hey! You didn't visit last night so I wanted to make sure you were ok!" I said into the phone. "Oh yeah... I'm fine.." I heard a male voice walk into the room she was in. It sounded very familiar, it was Louis. "Hey lov-" was all I heard until Valerie hung up. I was honestly kinda pissed. She was back with that prick. I unhooked the IV that was in my arm and I changed into my clothes, walking out the front door of the hospital, which wasn't necessarily a good idea, right as I unhooked the pain ribs were in terrible pain. I went back in and was forced up to my room. 

After I was finally sent home from the hospital later that day, I didn't call Valerie, and I sure as hell wasn't going to text or video chat. The one friend I thought I had, gone. I sat in my walk in closet and got on my laptop, listening to music and drawing in my sketchpad. I was drawing those stupid song lyrics Valerie and I shared, then I just ripped the paper out and tore it to shreds. It wasn't fair. How come all the pricks got all the girls and I can't even get the girl of my dreams? Oh. Here she is texting me now.  'Hey..' Nope. I didn't bother to reply. Maybe she'd get the hint. 

'Marcel..please answer...' Nope. I fell asleep with my headphones on and curled in a ball in the corner of the closet, a small blanket covering my torso and my head resting on a pillow. My dad came up to see if I wanted breakfast, but he knew if I was in the closet to not disturb me. Eventually, I had to get ready for school. "I'll show her what a bad boy I can be." I reached into my closet and just started cutting up a pair of the skinny jeans I had came home in from the party, I let my hair fall into curls instead of slicking it back, and I put in contacts and ditched the glasses. 

I walked into Springhollow High looking like a complete badass. Instantly, girls were asking me who I was, "accidentally" dropping their books in front of me to show off their bums to me. I just walked to my locker, and got out like one notebook and a pen. I didn't bring a bag lunch anymore, I brought headphones. I walked into the class and my own teacher didn't recognize me. "Son do you have the wrong class..?" He asked. "Harry Styles. I'm in here." My voice sounded so much deeper, and tougher, mainly because of my ribs but, I still sounded hot, I'd date me. Valerie couldn't take her eyes off me for a second as I took a seat in the back.

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