Animal testing

How do you think it feels? Seeing your family in pain being tested on and having harsh chemicals sprayed on you , losing your fur slowly and painfully dying.. This is a sad story about a rabbit and his family. All in animal testing.


3. Sophie?

This morning I woke up and there was the tiniest bit of food in a bowl on the side of my cage I felt sorry for being mean to Sophie so I decided I was going to share it with her. "Sophie ? Hello?" My feet were banging on the floor as hard as they could, surely she would have woken up by now ... 

Tears streamed down my face again as I realised she had gone.. I looked up and all I saw was a human carrying a rack of dead rabbits out of the room and there she was.. Blood streaming from her eyes.. It was horrible I took one last look and a black cloth covered my eyes as I passed out yet again ..

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