Animal testing

How do you think it feels? Seeing your family in pain being tested on and having harsh chemicals sprayed on you , losing your fur slowly and painfully dying.. This is a sad story about a rabbit and his family. All in animal testing.


4. Humans..

I shrieked in fright as a cold hand touched my back I kicked and kicked all I could until they put me down again no way was I going with the human not yet anyway..


it was a big mistake I just made because they locked the cage door and turned around they have now taken mother...

I screamed at them and shouted but it was no use.

This time I really didn't know how to react so I just sat there thinking about what horrible thing I was going to see next..

Out of the corner of my eye I saw them return with mother and put her back in the cage.. But something was wrong she didn't move."mother are you ok are you hurt" I asked frantically trying to get her attention. She took one look at me and smiled before coughing and choking on some kind of poison I guess it was horrible to have to watch her die like that I don't know how I went to sleep... 

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