past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


1. waiting

*Harry's POV*

I sat there. waiting. waiting for a day that I knew would never come. there was no point, she was legally dead. brain dead. the love of my life... brain dead. I sat here for countless days without eating or sleeping at the hospital waiting for something to happen but nothing ever changed. it was quiet. but that's nothing new. "theres no point" I whispered letting out one last tear. I walked over to her. laying there motionless. "goodbye beautiful... i'll never forget you... us" my lip quivered a little but I bit it to make it stop. I bent over, kissed her forehead, then walked out. I never wanted to. but I guess I had to. nothing was going to change, it would've been like that forever.


a/n: OH. EM. JEE. that was the most intense thing I have ever read. sorry for the suspense but you'll find out what happened in the next chapter. thanks for reading (:

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