past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


3. useless

"we really need to something about Harry" Louis said. "he's going mad." "well you can't blame him." Zayn said softly.

I heard the boys outside my door. I just layed there, staring at the ceiling. I've been staring for ever now. But that's all I could do. I wasn't ready to go and face the world. Watching everyone carry on with their happy lives like nothing bad has ever happened. I hate it. I hate how the world works. My eyes are starting to hurt because I don't blink a lot. I just stare at the same spot.

My mind stays blank. I cant go on like this. Without her. I should just end my life right now. but I cant. Something... well someone is telling me not to. And its her. I know its her. Julia.

Julia was her name. She died. Because of me. It was the night I was going to propose to her. I told her to meet me in the park we met at. I planned a nice picnic and everything. After an hour of not hearing for her, I called her. I didn't want to rush her but I started to get really annoyed. I called but a man answered. She's cheating on me? no it cant be true. she's not like that. 

"who the hell are you?" I said angrily. "A paramedic. Whos this?" "Harry, Julia's boyfr- fiancé." I said worried. "ok well im here to tell you Julia is on her way to the hospital. She g-" "WHAT HAPPENED!" I interrupted. "She got in a car accident a few minutes ago and is being rushed t-" "WHAT HOSPITAL?" I yelled walking to the sidewalk. "Sunshine Valley Hospital"

I hung up the phone. And ran. I ran like my life depended on it. Because it did. no. no. no. no. please no. Don't do this. I ran for was seemed like ever. I ran straight into the hospital and asked- well more like yelled at the lady in the front counter. she told me the room number. I ran as fast as I could. getting stares from everyone. but I didn't care.

that's when I saw her. My love. My life. The one I planned on living the rest of my life with. She was laying there. Alone. Pale. Bruised. I ran to her side and didn't notice I was crying until a drop landed on my hand. The hand I used to hold the beautiful blue eyed girl with. 

Those blue eyes. They were no longer open and bright. Shining and sparkling like they do when telling me a story or laughing or even just listening to the songs I wrote her every once in a while. They were closed. That's the day I started sitting at the hospital like a log. Waiting. waiting for a day I would get to see those beautiful blue eyes again. But they never opened. Useless. That's the word I described every minute of the rest of my life with. Without her it was nothing but useless.


              a/n: WHOO \(-.-)/ I got three chapters up in one day. well four if you count my other story. but still ! anyways, hope you liked it even though its the most depressing story EVER. thanks for reading (: keep commenting and all that. <3

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