past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


4. the plan

*Ellie's POV*

work was pretty boring so far. Serving people food all day wasn't the best job but it was going to have to do. it was 10:00am when four boys walked in nosily. Me and Sandy, a girl who works there, looked at each other. "you could get this one" she said. i sighed and grabbed my notebook and pen. i walked over to the boys who were sitting at one of the booths.

One had blonde hair and blue eyes. Next to him said a guy with dark eyebrows and a quiff. The one across from him had shorter hair and brown eyes. And across from the blonde one, was a guy with brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

"Hello my name is Ellie and I'll be your waitress for today." the boys weren't paying attention to me at all so i just waited. man i hate my job. "we just need to get his mind off of her." one of them said. "yeah, we need a girl. a girl to keep his mind busy." the blond one said. i cleared my throat and all of them looked at me. i just stood there. Then the blonde one started smiling. "hello" he said with his thick irish accent. "hey... im Ellie and ill be your waitress for today" i repeated but with less enthusiasm as last time.

"coke, pepsi,coke, sprite" they all said. i wrote it down and then walked away. "two cokes, a sprite, and a pepsi" i told one of the dudes behind the counter. His name was Cole and he was really cute. he had black hair which was covered by the snapback that he always wears backwards. I've liked him since i started working here. But i don't think i could love someone again. probably because everything i loved... left.

"here you go sweetheart." Cole said handing me the drinks with a wink. He always just flirts with me like this but its probably because Sandy told him i had a crush on him. i grabbed the drinks and set them on my tray.

i walked back over to the boys. "heres y-" "so we have a plan" The brown haired with ocean blue eyes said. "that's nice" i said passing out the drinks. i started walking away but blondie grabbed me. "can you meet one of our best mates for us because his girlfriend just died and now hes all depressed and stuff so we need you to make him fall in love with you so you can keep his mind off his ex."

oh. that's so sad. i was about to say yes because i felt bad for who ever they were talking about but then said no because i knew i could never get close to anyone again. "no im sorry. i have to get back to work" "its ok. we'll wait" the one with dark hair said. "im zayn, im Louis, im niall, im liam" they all told me. i went over the names in my head and i shortly memorized them.

"i get off in like 30 minutes" i said. "sounds good. can we have a large order of peperoni pizza" Liam asked. "coming right up" i said with a small attitude. oh god kill me now.

*30 minutes later*

"ok well im off, bye Sandy. i said with a smile. i turned around and bumped into Cole. "Bye beautiful" he said. "'bye" i said almost blushing. oh god he's so cute.

 i walked through the front door forgetting about the boys. "wait don't go." Niall said. "you have to meet Harry" "ugh fine but make i have to shower. come to my house and wait for me or something." i kind of trusted these guys because they seemed like nice boys. "ok, you walked?" Zayn asked. "yeah" i said continuing with walking. "come on, a car will be faster." i sighed and sat in their black SUV.

i told them how to get to my house and we got there. i went upstairs and took a quick shower. i didn't wash my hair because i decided to do it later. I curled my hair quickly and redid my makeup. i pulled on some black jeggings and a gray shirt. i put on my black and white polka dot scarf on and walked downstairs.

the boys saw me and just stared with there mouths wide open. "this plan will definitely work" Niall said.



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