past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


5. the last night i live

*skip car ride*

"aaaaaand this is it." Liam said. whoa this place is huge. we got out of the car and walked to the door. Niall rang the door bell a few thousand times but no one answered. "don't you have a key?" I asked. "no Louis over here left it." Zayn exclaimed. we stood there for another quiet 30 seconds until someone came to the door.
"finally" Louis said pushing past him. He (im assuming Harry) noticed me after Louis moved from in front of me. "whos the lady" Harry said sounding like he wasn't interested in me. well this plan is sure to burn. "im Ellie" I said sticking my hand out. "oh" he said without shaking my hand, just walking inside.

Niall whispered into my ear, "hes not that bad its just that hes in one of his moods" I just nodded and followed the boys inside. we exchanged phone numbers after we sat down. 
"im going to sleep, don't bother me." Harry said. after he walked away me and the boys looked at each other from the couches. "well imma just get going" I said walking to the door and opening it. "no. you cant. we need you" Niall said pleadingly. "well he obviously doesn't need me. its fine theres no point in forcing a relationship with someone you don't know maybe you guys can find someone else who can help you cause im afraid im too busy with work and stuff" i lie. after that I walked out of the door and thought about how I was going to get home.

I decided to just walk home even though it would probably take half an hour. I got home and it was really dark. I was going to open my door but my phone vibrated in my hand. I looked at it.

'hey its Niall, I was wondering how you got home'

awww hes so sweet.

'I walked. just got home now' I went in the house and kicked off my shoes.

'are you serious? its way too late for you to do that'

I didn't text back, just went to sleep. thank god i don't have work tomorrow.


*harrys POV*

man that girl. she was beautiful. but i cant think of her too long without my mind being brought back to Julia. after her, i couldn't be with anyone else. or else it wouldn't seem... right. i cant imagine myself with anyone else besides her. i felt bad for being rude but i cant help it. i don't want to start liking her. i cant start thinking about other girls, it makes me confused. and sad. if that even made sense. so all i do is cry. cry myself to sleep. hoping this would be the last night i live because i cant carry on another day without her.


a/n: ugh i have school but i managed to put this chapter up :) ... what the heck happened ?! i thought i would've came back with more comments but oh well (: anyways keep reading, and comment suggestions or anything like that. goodnight (:

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