past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


7. honestly

"oh... um-" " no its fine" he said. I looked out the window of his car. "its actually working" I looked at him surprised. woah that's a surprise... I thought he hated me. "oh um actually not really doing the plan anymore, not after last night." I said. "why did you leave last night?" he asked. I stopped and thought over what I was going to say. "um well you kind of left so I didn't really see the point in staying" I said. oh no did that sound bad? I hope not. "oh" was all he said. I turned back to the window and stayed quiet until we reached the house that I saw yesterday.

he got out and opened the door for me. I murmured a thankyou and got out. he opened the front door and told me to follow him. I did as told and we went into his room. He walked into his closet so I walked around his room. it was big with tan walls and pictures hanging on them. they were all of him and a girl. she looked about my age and was really beautiful. after a minute of looking, one caught my eye. it was a picture of her and Harry standing there and she was giving Harry a big dark blue box. he looked really happy with made me smile.


I stood there for a moment after coming out of my closet. I saw Elise looking at a picture of when she gave me that box on my last birthday that she lived for. I smile at the memory but was soon brought back to reality. I cleared my throat and Ellie looked at me. "oh umm" she said awkwardly. "that was Julia... I-If you were wondering." she looked up from her shoes and nodded. I set my coat that I got from the closet on my bed and walked out telling her I was going to get the shirt.

It took me about 5 minutes because Louis' room was so dirty. I walked back into my room and Ellie was laying on my bed. I walked to where I could see her better and saw that she was sleeping.

I threw my pants and shirt off and snuggled next to her. I guess she was just tired from work but honestly, id rather go to sleep too.

a/n: I haven't updated in a while cause school and everything. keep reading (: thanks, hope you liked it :p

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