past present future *harry styles fanfic*

"have you ever felt like at one point in life... you had everything you've ever wanted... and once you realized you did... you lost it all?"


6. he knows

*Harry's POV* I woke up with a wet pillow. not because of drool but because of tears. god I miss her. but I have to move on even though it seems impossible. I got out of the blankets. the cold air instantly hit me and goose bumps ran up my arms and legs. Im glad I as least slept with sweats on. I went downstairs and no one was awake yet. I threw on my coat because I decided to go out for a bit and get some fresh air. I out a beanie over my messy hair and walked out into the cold morning. it was about 9:00 so I decided to go get some breakfast at my favorite restaurant, pancakes smell really good right now so I guess ill get those. i got in my range rover and drove for a short time until i parked my car and got out. i walked inside and sat down at one of the tables next to the window. It was getting more sunny and warmer by the minute which was nice. *Ellie's POV* ugh they ended up calling me into work saying they needed help. i got up early and went down to the restaurant with my hair in a bun, a little bit of makeup, and my work clothes. i walked in through the back door and clocked in. i sat around for a while because no one really comes over early in the morning. i heard the bell on the door ring and saw a small family walk in. Behind them was a bo- wait that's Harry. oh god i have to serve him. "hello im Elise and i will be your server for today" i said with a little smile. he already looked pretty sad so i shouldn't put him down even more by being mad at how rude he was yesterday. he looked up and met my eyes. wow his eyes were beautiful. "oh, erm" he said scratching the back of his neck with his hand. "i didn't know you worked here" he said. "yeah, well i have to make some money somehow" i said with a small fake laugh to not make the situation so awkward. "listen i was being really ru-" he began. "its fine it didn't get to me. what would you like to start with?" i said changing the subject. he looked confused but then said, "um oh can i have the small portion of pancakes and apple juice please" he said slowly with his strong accent. "coming right up" i said writing it down and walking to the counter. i gave the order to the cook and looked back at Harry who was just staring out the window. Man i feel so bad. maybe i should help him get his mind off of things. i got his food after it was done being made and walked over to him. He was my last costumer since Monique walked in early and decided to take over my shift. instead of just bringing his order, i brought mine too. i set his down and mine down across from him. we sat at a booth which was way more comfortable than the regular chairs. "what are you..." he trailed off. "enjoying breakfast, im off so i decided I'd eat with you...i- if you don't mind" i became embarrassed at how i just invited myself over. "no no its totally ok" he said starting on his pancakes. we made little conversation but it was nice. he was really nice. i think i got his mind off that one girl which was good. "hey would you like to go to the zoo or something afterwards?" he asked once he finished eating. "um i have to change though." i said looking down at my clothes. "ok um the zoo opens in 30 minutes and i kind of want to be there early but Louis' girlfriend left a shirt there and i guess you could use it." "um no its fine ill just wear my clothes then" "no its ok, just come on" he paid for his food and so did i. i walked here so i went in Harrys car to the boys' house. we sat there in the car quietly until Harry broke the silence. "listen... i know about the boys' plan about getting my mind of things..." a/n: ehhh this chapter seems kind of boring but i had to do something so here it is (: thanks for reading, have a good day or night whatever it is c:
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