Little White Lies (Punk Niall AU)

Emma Winter is a very shy girl. She doesn't have that many friends. Around school she isn't very known.

When the new kid comes to school, he is all everyone is talking about. Emma doesn't realize on whats so special about him. Next thing she knows he is her biology partner. Things get turned upside down for Emma. She's doing things she won't normally do.

Why is she doing this? Is it him? When her best friend comes into play everything goes wrong. Now she doesn't know who to trust. But the one person whose been telling the truth the whole time, the new kid: Niall.


His hands traced my cheek.

"Come on Ems." He pressured.

I slapped his hand from my face.

"I'm not doing anything with you." I spat.

He let out a soft chuckle.

"Trust me everything with be okay." He opened the car door.

"And why should I trust you?" I asked.

He ran his hand through his hair.

"Because Emma I am the only one who hasn't been lying to you."

I knew he was telling the truth. Everyone has be


1. Prolouge

Everything is different now. Everyone who I trusted I don't trust anymore. The person I would've never ever trust before, now is the person who I trust the most. 

Who am I? I am Emma Winter. Usually I'm shy and a good girl. But not till he showed up. He had tattoos, he smoked, and was a very heavy drinker.

Who was he? He was the very questioning points of my very existence. He made me do things I normally wouldn't do. I hated him. Hatred wasn't even a strong enough word to use to describe my feelings to him. But yet I felt myself drawn to him. 

Niall Horan was his name. Unlike everyone else he hasn't lied to me. Not even once. 

Everything that I know got turned upside down. And everything that I was against, I turned into. How? You might ask. 

Because of Niall. This is my story.

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