mixed up major

Every wizard knows the tale of harry potter...
neither wizard nor muggle knows the tale of Harriet Potter


3. Our journy

 We were all best friends Rowena, Hermes and I until… One hot, sticky and sunny day when Rowena told me she wanted Hermes to be more than her best friend. That night everyone was bawling our eyes out.
I hated growing up and getting feelings but the next night before I could say cheese potatoes Hermes and Rowena were going out. I hated it the cuddled on the couch while I was left shivering in the corner. Our tent we were currently in was perched near the beach it was freezing. We were all wizards but no one even Hermes (who was the brain box of the trio) could make it warm.  But we would be moving soon heading right into what seemed as my dooms day, London City.

sorry such short chapter will do better

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