mixed up major

Every wizard knows the tale of harry potter...
neither wizard nor muggle knows the tale of Harriet Potter


2. my start


It was in the time were men ruled the earth. There was an old man who was greedy, power hungry and selfish therefor was a very big supporter of NO women’s rights. He was minding his own business when he stumbled across rolls and rolls of parchment that was bound together with string. This happened to be my diary; He read aloud the title ‘Life at Hogwarts by Harriet James Potter.’ Intrigued the man started to scan the pages, eyes nervously twitching across each and every page. Suddenly the town’s grandfather clock stuck 12 dong, dong, dong.  The man was confused he was sure it was 10 o’clock then his gaze fell onto the book surly not he thought I can’t have been reading for two hours especially one with women as the main characters. Then it must have stuck him he shouted yes and the next day Harry Potter was published and my identity stolen.

But I knew it was going to change. How wrong I was, His… My book became a best seller. People dressed up as him for book days and what’s more that greedy pig of a man said he wrote it what cheek. My Friends Rowena and Hermes were equally as mortified. Rowena became Ron and Hermes became Hermione. We set out at once to put it right but as we travelled the harder it became the news spread about us stealing the show. The worst thing was we started off as carefree young ten year olds but over our years of struggle had become 13. We were just three new teenagers trying to make sense of the new world around us. Three whole years had passed and yet ‘Harry’ Potter was still the coolest person alive to the world.   

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