Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


7. The Wait

I was walking around town, the opposite side to where I saw the first people who were not humans. Who could potentially be one half of what I was. A vampire or a werewolf. Or something  entirely different. With more questions on top of the old ones, I was bound to turn insane any second now. Too much going through my mind to let my body relax along with my mind. And relaxing is what made me not go on a blood hunt like in the white build for so long. Even though in my eating, I tend to be a little crazed on how I kill the humans.

Shaking my head and trying to get the thought of eating out of my mind. Because whatever happened to me the night I blanked out, it messed with my emotions as well as my hunger. "Get a grip Violet. Get a grip." I spoke to myself. And then I realized something. In the shower I noticed a little red dot on the back of my knee. As if I was injected with some kind of liquid. Maybe that is what is causing me to crave a humans life.

I clenched my jaw and wished for a second that I could just meet another hybrid. Or that I was not so scared back there when I first saw the non- humans. I wanted to punch myself somehow in the face so hard. All because I wimped out on seeing the non- humans and not confronting them.

The sun was starting to set now and the snow was faulting. By the time night fully reached the snow would stop falling from the sky. And I would be able to go to a club and get something to eat and fill my pockets with more money. Enough to stay in a hotel for the night and rest a while. Or I could take another root and go to the human's place for the night and rest. But that would be risky, because last time I tried that, the human got scared. He noticed that my eyes were truly what they look like and that is when I had to kill him. Before he got me with a knife.

Even knowing that I needed to go I wanted to stay as well. I want to look for those non- humans and ask then all my questions. Ask them if I can have help with some troubles I run into or if I could stay with them. But most likely they will tell me to go away and that I can't stay with them. Because I was a lab rat and a freak. Not a born vampire or werewolf. No because I was a lab rat hybrid. That brought a tear to my face. Maybe leaving this place after all wouldn't be so bad.

But I needed to sleep somewhere. I needed to take another shower, take as much money as possible, and take whatever clothes fitted me tonight. Because I have spent too much time here in this city. I am surprised that the police isn't trying to track the killer of my prey down. But then again, my DNA to them is undefined and that I am unknown to most authorities. The only ones that did know me was the ones who found me and put me into the home for homeless people.

I sighed thinking about so much things but never making up my mind or having answers. Walking some more to a school's play ground I sat on a swing. At least the chill was out of my body but now questions took its place. I sat there in the swing forcing my mind to go blank until the sun was fully down and the night was in full swing.

A smile played on my lips and I let my eyes go into the eerie shine they cast when I was waiting on my prey. I went to find a full club and get myself a meal to go. One that would bring me to his house and let me get all the things I need to leave this town.


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