Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


17. The Truth

The sun shone through my window wall and inside the door that was now open. I never realized that there was a door there until the children came in last night. It must be made like that, so I can runaway easily or so no unwanted stranger could get through the door. But of course that didn't work, because the children was unwanted and to me they were strangers. A knock at my door made it's way to me and Courtney walked in. She was my favourite girl living in the house. Myself is the second one I like. I always hated myself, but Courtney is nice and I wish that I could be like her, that I am trying to like myself better.

"So you are going to the vampire council's palace tonight. That is a huge deal. Only special people go in there you know. But then again, when we first saw you I knew you were special. Everyone else knew that too, but only after Demitri told us he saw those golden flecks in your aurora." She said. I looked at her and saw she was dressed so pretty. Even though she may not be role model skinny, she could pull off amazing clothes. But my amazing is different from most. I like Ciel's type of clothing.

At the mall I only bought gothic clothing and I loved it. It is dark and enchanting and bold in my point of view. "I don't know what to wear or what to look like. Or better yet, how to act. I wish I lived in the days where women was taught how to act proper and how to be princess like. But I wouldn't want the pink, girl princess act. No, I would want to be the dark, mysterious and heartbreaking type. Do you think you could help me Courtney?" I asked her, trying to take my mind off of everything.

What I said caused her to smile big time. A squeal came out of her and rang through out the hallway and my bedroom. "Of course! But right now let us go downstairs and get breakfast. Then you need to shower. After that I will show you how to be your dark princess. I am sure Ciel would die to have you as a wife afterwards. Then again, I think Ciel already has his eyes set on a mundane girl. She works at a coffee shop. No princess but-" She spoke on and on. Never stopping to hear me say a word.

Alexis, Ciel and Carlos was at the table chattering away. Once I walked through the room they all hushed down in such a hurry. I sat down in a black wooden chair that looked medieval. "Good morning." Carlos said to me and I looked at him. Last night replayed in my mind, when he gave me that advice and I frowned. Was I that bad and not well off that I needed advice? Courtney sat down across from me and beside Alexis.

"I smelt blood last night. It came from your room. And before that when I was on a walk I heard a scream. You killed someone last night didn't you, you Hybrid?" Alexis sneered. "You know, Demitri doesn't like it if you kill innocent humans. He is going to get-"

"Alexis!" Ciel yelled interrupting her sentence. "Stop this already. She didn't know and she can't just change her ways in a heartbeat. It took you almost two years before you felt the need to kill a human. So shut up." His voice soothed me and surprised me at the same time. Why was he standing up for me? He should of let Alexis finished what she was saying. Possibly even gotten mad at me to.

I looked at Alexis and frowned. "I did kill someone last night. In fact it was a human to. I am sure I will kill again tonight, the night after that and the night after that too. Whatever you guys have put into my veins is still there, and the scent from that rose is causing me to go thirsty for blood." I told her with a little small playing at my lips. "Last night I completely enjoyed that kill. To feel his blood mix with mine. To tear his flesh from his body, to hear his bones snap as I threw the body on the ground like a rag doll. Why don't you join me Alexis. Maybe-"

Alexis threw a fork at me. It hit me in the neck and I just took it out. "You shut up you bitch! Have you ever thought of what you were doing?! Have you ever felt their emotions?! I bet you never even bothered to look at the humans face!" She screeched at me. "What about their family? What about their friends?!" Slowly I looked her into her eyes. The emotions of the guys still filled me. I never thought that I would have killed that way again. But I did.

"I feel their every emotions. I knew he had a son. I saw his eyes and the tears the ran down. His face was contorted with pain. His son screamed with all his heartache. Yet I couldn't stop.  just kept on drinking and yet, when I wanted to, I couldn't stop. I couldn't save the life I was taking. I couldn't help the poor boy. I couldn't! I wanted to so badly. But whatever you put into my system, whatever the rose done to me, whatever the Whites done to me, I couldn't!" I was screaming during my words. "But you know what? Dealing with it as if it was nothing, as if I get so much pleasure out of it, as if it is a game, is better then crying and hating myself! I learned that when I escaped. And I am never going back on what I know. Because that is all I have left to help me cling onto what I am and what I need to do."

Ciel looked at me with a place face and a popped open mouth. Carlos was clenching his hands and looked down at the table. Alexis, she was in shock the most. It is like she is finally realizing that I have feelings to and that I am not all that evil. "And what is that?" She asked me. I stood up and looked out the window that showed the other houses. "What is it that you need to do Violet? Because all we know is that you have nothing to live for and if it wasn't for Demitri taking interest in you, then you would be alone and possibly dead." Her words hit me in the heart, causing me more pain.

"To kill my biological parents. That is what I need to do. Because they let me have this life. If they just kept me, or even put me in a foster home, I would be human. I wouldn't be a lab rat. I wouldn't be this disgusting monster that I am bound to be." I told her, letting my tears fall to the table. "I don't need to be here to be an experiment again. But I thought that maybe I wouldn't feel the need to be the monster. Or that I could finally fit in. Yet I know what I thought is complete bull. Even knowing that, I want to stay here. Not for Demitri, not for the money or a place to stay. But so I won't be alone or hurting. So I could possibly have help to not kill anymore.

"Maybe though, I shouldn't stay here. Just pop in once a month to show Demitri my aurora. Maybe I shouldn't think that I am able to stop killing, because right now, it feels as if that is all I am good at doing and what I am made for doing. To kill human beings or yet, maybe vampires or werewolves. Because when I smell your guys blood, all I can think is how good it would taste. It is disgusting, but that is what I think." I told her. To all of them. Ciel stood up and walked to me, touching me hand that is at my side.

He held my hand in his and made me look at him. "Oh Violet. I am so sorry all this happened to you." He told me. I couldn't stop staring at his eyes and I didn't want to stop.

"I am sorry to." Alexis spoke slowly. "I never realized... I never even thought of this... I just thought you were like all the other Hybrids... But clearly you are not." She spoke. "And that is the truth."


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