Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


29. The Torture

I stared up into the eyes to the man who I was forever connected with. Eyes that are like mine, in fact could be mine. "I assume that he told you. That you now know why I said that I was sorry for biting you." Mabuz spoke. The tears poured more than ever, hearing it from the man who is now mine forever. I didn't respond to his assumption, instead I just kept looking into his eyes. "I am truly sorry. I just thought that you were already connected to someone. Your heart, it was beating with love and anger, what any Hybrid's heart would beat with when connected to another soul." He told me. Mabuz went to his knees in front of me, not taking his eyes off of mine.

My body wanted to be with him and love him, to bond with him truly. But my heart was being torn apart with this feeling. "I thought that I loved someone. His name is Ciel. Just a couple nights ago, he went with me to a party. He took my virginity and my heart. But now I feel forced to not love him, but to love you instead. Ciel is the main reason I am here and not killing every single vampire that I see." I told Mabuz. His eyes filled with hurt when I started talking about Ciel. "You are the first Hybrid that I have ever seen. You are connected to me now by soul. This morning, I slept with a human. To keep him alive and to feel some sense of belonging and hope. Now I want to sleep with you and love you. My heart it being torn by men.

"My life is full or hurt, yearning, and love. But not in a good way either. I don't know what to do. When Jasquelle told me about us being connected, I thought he was lying. But now I know it is the truth. Why can't my life be normal, and not full of men?" I kept on talking. Mabuz covered his hand over my mouth, sending shivers down my back. Tears fell onto his skin and down towards my legs. Mabuz leaned in closer towards me, taking a deep breath. As if he couldn't get enough of my scent, which is pretty creepy. But at the same time I loved his scent as well. It smelled like tulips and soap, something that somehow combines well.

My heart raced when Mabuz put his forehead against mine and took away his hand. "I to have a lover waiting for me. You are not alone in being heart broken and confused. Her and I was supposed to connect our souls and bodies when I came back from here." He told me. It was almost a relief that I wasn't the only one in the world with relationship problems. "But now, I am connected with you. A curse put on us Hybrids. It can be either a good thing or a horrible thing. And in this case, it is a horrible thing." He moved his lips closer towards mine. "And right now, I don't care. I need you to help heal my heart." He whispered, collapsing into the need of love.

The tears stopped but it felt as if I should still be crying. "Mabuz, I can't. We can't. No matter how tempting this is, to kiss you and to let myself make love with you, we can't no matter what. Think about how hurt your lover will feel if she found out about this. Please, get away from me." I told him. Mabuz didn't move instead he traced my jaw line and down to my lips, sending little bolts of need into me. With every bolt, my heart ripped into more and more. "Please." I whispered, feeling my sanity to come loose slowly.

"I can't." He whispered back and finally he kissed me. It was a kissed with so much passion and need, yearning and sadness. I tried to fight back but sure enough, this connection we made took over me. My lips fitted just right with Mabuz and it seemed as if we were made for each other. Somewhere tears were mixed into our kiss, reminding me that this shouldn't happen. That more tears would be shed if we done more than kiss. Immediately I pulled away from him and moved a foot back from him.

Mabuz's eyes landed on me, filled with so much passion and hopelessness. "We can't." I told him and got to my feet. My mind spun a little but I regained balance. Mabuz was holding onto the floor with all his might, trying not to stop me from leaving. He knew deep down, through the connection, that this could not happen again. I left as fast as I could and went to my room. Luckily it was empty of any other being except me. Taking in a deep breath I flopped onto my bed and forced myself to feel numb.

But right when I was about to let go of my emotions, a voice caught my attention. It was coming from outside, and after the first yell of the words, more familiar voiced came afterwards. With my Hybrid speed I looked out the window and saw my werewolf friends being escorted in with luggage. "Violet!" Demitri's voice was yelling. I opened my window and bent outwards.

"Demitri!" I yelled and let my body fall towards the ground. Landing on my feet I raced towards them. But when I caught sight of Ciel I stopped dead in my tracks. My heart started to hurt more and the connection between Mabuz and I was getting stronger. As if it was not letting me love any other person. "Run." I told them. "Run!" Right when the words left my mouth I was being hugged by Demitri. Everyone else followed and wasn't listening to my words. They needed to get out of here. They didn't belong here.

"Oh my God Violet. I am so sorry I couldn't protect you. I should have followed you and made you run when Jasquelle took you. But now we are with you again. Jasquelle is letting us live here with you until you head out to kill your maker." Demitri was gushing. Ciel pushed everyone out of the way and hugged me himself. I went stiff and fought back tears that were threatening to spill.

Why was Jasquelle torturing me this way? Why was he making me see Ciel after I connected with Mabuz? "I am sorry to Violet. I really do love you. Can you ever forgive me for what I put you through?" Ciel asked me. I clenched my jaw and looked Ciel in the eye, taking a step back once he let go of me.

"My name is Orla. And I want to Ciel, but I can't. Something happened today, something I need to tell you-" Right when I was about to tell him though, a growling that could only belong to a Hybrid sounded. It was coming closer and in the next second Ciel was being tackled to the ground by Mabuz.

"She is mine!" Mabuz roared and bit down on Ciel's beck. Ciel screamed and I reacted without thinking. I threw Mabuz off of Ciel and crouched into a fighting position, baring my teeth and hissing. I was facing Mabuz and was fighting to not be in his arms right now.

"Violet, what does he mean that you are his?" Ciel spoke in an outrageous tone. Mabuz was facing me off and was trying to find a way to kill Ciel. "Violet?"

"They are connected. Surly you know that when two Hybrids share blood for the first time with anyone, they become connected in souls." Jasquelle's voice came out of no where in a laughing tone. "Welcome guests." I couldn't look at Ciel or anybody else but Mabuz. I let a tear fall and right afterwards I started to run towards the gates. But before I could reach them a wolf the size of me standing up was pushing me to the ground.

It transformed back into a human appearance. Carlos was on top of me and his eyes were filled with sorrow and sadness. "Don't run. You do and they kill us." He whispered. "Please." I nodded and felt something dig into my skin. Confused I looked at my arm where the source was coming from and I saw a dart sticking out of me. "I am sorry. We need you." He whispered and my mind filled with fog. Letting me free from this torture for a little bit. 

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