Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


31. The Power

Supper would be soon, and I would have to see Mabuz, Jasquelle, and the werewolves. The only people right now who I could go without seeing for days. But it seems as if everybody else has a different plan that involves me whether I like it or not. Opening my eyes to the darkness of this little reading cave that I was in, I sighed and looked out to the rest of the library. No other vampire was in here and I knew that I should leave soon to. I wouldn't want to miss my supper and be really hungry tomorrow for the fight I would demand from Jasquelle. Gritting my teeth I crawled out of the cave and stretched my muscles.

I made myself walk towards the door that led out into the hallway and walked towards the dinning room. "Hey Orla." Jupiter spoke next to me. I looked at him and then up front. "I saw you come out of the library. Where you finally reading?" He asked me. My jaw clenched and I looked at Jupiter. When I came to live here Jupiter was basically the only person I talked to except for Jasquelle. Well, that was until I talked to Mabuz and then the werewolves. Jupiter frowned at me when I haven't respond to him. "I know what Jasquelle is using to torture you. Personally I don't think he should have went this far. But he gets carried away when he is mad."

"You have no right to talk about this. I am not getting tortured and I do not care if Jasquelle is mad." I hissed out through my teeth. Jupiter laughed and went into a different door that led to some room. I rolled my eyes and went on ahead to the dining room to get food. Once I was there the smell of werewolf hit my nose. Automatically my vision went to the werewolves that were sitting in the corner by the window facing a fountain near trees. It was a pretty view and it was the view I saw every time I went in here. I guess I wouldn't be sitting here with my steak then.

I walked to the line but when I got there I felt eyes on me. "Hello Orla." Mabuz spoke behind me. My body tensed and I didn't bother to look behind me. "I heard that you have your friends staying here now." Mabuz said and must have looked at the werewolves. "That guy, who dresses up the way you do. The gothic one. He is your lover?" He asked me. Ciel must have been looking at us in a weird way for Mabuz to think so.

Tears were threatening to come loose once again today. "His name is Ciel. And no, he isn't." I told him.

"Then what one-"

"None of them are!" I whipped around and yelled. Now I had everybody's attention. Clearing my throat I turned around and took my plate of raw steak. It was the size of my plate and was full of blood. "They are neither my friend nor lover. Just a past memory that exists today." I whispered and walked towards the door that led to an outside patio. I sat down at an empty table and dug into the meat. Still I felt eyes on me and turned to look towards the window. The werewolves were staring at me.

Demitrius looked as if he was going to cry, same with Courtney and Alexis. Ciel looked like he was in a lot of pain and Carlos looked as if he wanted to hug me and be with me. I felt all of their emotions and turned my head again to my plate. Footsteps came my way and I didn't bother to look at who it was. The chair in front of my screeched and came to a halt. It was Demitrius who was sitting with me. "Please don't do this." He spoke to me.

I looked him in the eyes and frowned. "You know I can't. It hurts to much to look at you guys. Definitely Ciel. And when I kill my maker, I can be free of all this. I can be free from the human government, be free from the vampires, be free from the pain and hurt. Demitrius, my heart was killed a long time ago. My emotions left me. Until today. My soul is gone now, even though my emotions are within me. It left me like how I left you. Taken away from the love in my life, and locked in a dark place." I told him. "There is no use for me to come back with you guys. My soul is no longer like your lost love. I have no use."

"That isn't true Violet. You became out friend, and Ciel's love. It may seem like he hates you, but that isn't true. His soul is hurting, but it is yearning to be with yours. Both of your souls tangle with each others whenever you two are close. You two are soul mates." He told me. "I don't care if your soul has changed. I, and the others want you to come home."

His voice was filled with so much passion and anger. I looked inside the room and pointed to Mabuz who was sitting with a bunch of vampires. "Do you see him? Mabuz?" I asked Demitrius. "He is my soul mate now. Both of our souls, his and mine, have been connected." I told him. Next I looked at Ciel who was watching me. "Now look at Ciel. He is the guy who is part of my past. Who is a lost dream that has turned into a nightmare. Something that doesn't wish to be changed because the dreamer has caused the change." I spoke.

I let Demitrius think about what I was saying and started to eat again. "You are going to let a love triangle ruin our friendship? Your friendship with Carlos and Courtney and Alexis? You are more pathetic then I ever imagined." He told me. Anger flared in my chest and I grabbed Demitrius's hand. My own hand felt warm and tingly.

"Listen to me. If you knew what it was like to be hurt from someone you love, to be connected with someone you don't love, and to try you hardest and fight against a curse controlling your soul, just so you can be with the old lover who hates your very existence, then you wouldn't be talking to me like that. I wish I could show you, I want to show you. The pain, the heartbreak, the madness, the anger. Every emotion that I have been feeling all today and every day since I was stolen..." I started to rant but stopped when I saw Demitrius's eyes flat.

His mouth was popped open and tears were rolling down his cheek. "Stop. Please stop. This is too much. Way too much..." He begged. I took my hand off of his and he took a deep breath. His eyes returned to normal but his face paled. "What was that? Since when did you have a power?" He asked me. My  brows furrowed and I looked at him.

"What do you mean?" I asked my own question.

"You just put emotions into me. Let me feel what you have been feeling. It was almost like I was living your days here, to feel the emotions and story. Oh my, it was worse than I thought." He whispered. Ciel and Carlos were out here in a second standing protectively near Demitrius.

"Don't you dare touch him. What did you do?" Ciel asked angrily.

"She-" Demitrius started to say but Ciel put his hand in front of him, motioning for him to stop speaking.

"I am asking her. Orla." Ciel spat out my name like it was burning his mouth. "Now what did you do?!"

"I don't know... I just, I was just. I think I showed him my emotions... Showed him all the emotions I had since Jasquelle came to me." I stuttered. Ciel looked my up and down and Carlos relaxed.

"But how? You have no power. Show me." Ciel spoke in utter disbelief. He stuck out his hand and took mine on top. His skin felt marvellous and smooth. Something I wanted to feel more of, and in different places. On his face, his chest, and full hands, and his lips. My heart squeezed and I wanted him back. I wanted to be his soul mate and to kiss him. Everything I felt for Ciel busted out and the full time I didn't realize that my hand felt tingly and warm again.

After I felt the yearning I felt the pain. The pain that was haunting me and draining me, ever since I found out I was connected with Mabuz. Then the emotions I had when Mabuz was trying to kiss me played inside me and into Ciel. Me wanted to kiss him back but at the same time my emotions of wanting Ciel and loving Ciel and wanting to get away from Mabuz went from me to Ciel. All the emotions I felt when I saw Ciel to now played and I wanted to cry.

Ciel cried out and pulled away from me. We both looked at each other and he started to let tears out. "All of that. Everything you done just for me. Those emotions that you felt, how I made you feel... Violet, I am so sorry." He whispered, calling me my fake name. I clenched my jaw and looked at the trees.

"It is Orla. My real name is Orla." I said.

"But for us, it is Violet. The name of a dark angel who has been hurt."  Ciel spoke. "Violet please forgive me?" He asked. I looked at him but right when I opened my mouth Mabuz was right beside me, hissing away.

"She is mine! And our souls are connected!" He yelled. I closed my eyes and bowed my head. WHY MUST YOU HAVE BEEN CONNECTED WITH SOMEONE?! My inner voice yelled at me. Once I opened my eyes I got up and took my plate.

"Mabuz, I don't want to be connected with you. You even said that you have someone back home to love. Ciel, I want to forgive you. But if I do, then what will happen? Nothing will go how it was. I am still connected with Mabuz. I am sorry. But if you excuse me, I am going to eat my food in peace. I don't want to see any of you until tomorrow. Good night to you all." I said in a stone cold voice, letting now emotion show.

But somewhere deep inside of me, I felt as if my soul was returning to me. Ciel finally figured out that I love him, and he was starting to show that he has the same feelings as me. "Wait." Ciel spoke but I used my Hybrid speed to get away from everyone and to my room.

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