Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


2. The Now and Then

I began flitting back to the realty I live in now, with the rushing cars and the yells of mad drivers flowing into my consciousness. The scent of blood and humanity flooded throughout the streets of this town along with thick perfumes. Women strutted their bodies to try and attract the opposite sex while the men truly craved someone real and not used. Besides those dogs who know they can't get anything not used because of the person they are. Foolish beings they are I'd say. There is a better reason to live then just populate the earth more of their species. Things like taking power and helping the earth, or focus more on being kind to one another.

That is what I thought like sometimes. What I would think more like if I wasn't this monstrous beast. But I am stuck with this curse and have to live with this. That is why I live for one things. To be the one to kill my biological parents in a demonic way. Besides that I do what I want in my spare time that isn't set to find them. Like killing for the heck of it or seeing if I could find someone like me. Or at least part of me.

Since I am part werewolf and vampire mixed into one, then there must be those creatures out there. That is what I do, hunt them down and try to get some information out of them. But with my luck I am never able to find any of them. Lately I have been thinking that the Whites had just made up the vampires and werewolves so I wouldn't be so alone. My heart strains itself to try and be hopefully. But all I could think about is being alone and different from all the creatures on this planet.

Without thinking of it a tear rolled off my cheek and down onto pavement that laid beneath my feet. A child looked at me for a second and once he saw my eyes his mouth gapped open and he looked away. Most likely scared. My hand clenched into a fist and I turned away and started to walk towards the less populated areas. There is wouldn't be so hard to try and hide my feelings and what I truly am.

You'd think that I would have gotten the hang of this after a year. But I still feel as if I just escaped the white building a day ago. That is what I hate about this place. Whatever the prey feels I feel, and that is why I try to drug them and make them feel good. But lately I have been so thirsty and hungry that I skipped all of the play time and went in for the kill. All of them had felt scared and confused, lost and worried. So much emotions but that is the only way I can know that I am alive. To know that I am not a walking statue.

I spat out a laugh at that thought. No statue could walk. Shaking my head I let my senses go and sniffed the air to find the closest bar. One was just around the corner and judging from the sounds, vibrations, and smells coming from in there, there was about twenty people in the building. Good enough for me I suppose. Putting my hood up from my black, skin tight jacket I walked towards the smelly place.

But before I could the feeling of dejavu. My hands started to hurt along with the full length of my back. My mind raced to find out why but all I could do was just stand there wondering. Then my mind took me back to the past. I was seven and laying on the ground. Blood was surrounding me and by the smell and the pain I knew it was mine.

A whip lashed down onto my back with the fierce crackling sound. Cries of pain and hopelessness came out of my mouth and into the white room without any windows. "Don't you ever bite him again!" One of the Whites called out. I knew that he was talking about the Master. Hunger taken over me a couple minutes ago and he was the closest human towards me. I needed something to satisfy myself because the Whites hadn't fed me in days. Testing me to see what I would do.

Acting on my impulses caused me to get punished. And getting punished also included no food for another week. "Stop." I whimpered out loud.

"She can talk?" A new voice stated. Confusion hit me further as to why I was thinking back to this moment and why there was pain in my body. Didn't I just feed yesterday? I opened my eyes and somehow ended up lying on my back on a street. Blurred people hung over me and the colour of purple stayed on them like eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked. But before I could get an answer I was hit with a baseball bat.

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