Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


6. The Non- humans

The snow was in a steady pace, unlike my thoughts which was all over the place. Who was that guy and why was he stalking me? How come he had purple eyes? Was he part of another white place with others like me? Each and every question I had was bare in the answering part. And with each moment more questions popped inside of my head. I couldn't keep doing this. I could not handle thinking about unanswerable questions and going insane with the made up answers.

My fangs started to stretch out again. For some reason, since the old man's house I have been getting really thirsty and hungry lately. As if none of the human's blood and flesh actually went down into my stomach. Like it disappeared in thin air when I devoured it. I clenched my jaw in anger. Did the old man slip something into me to make me feel this hungry? Or did something happen to make me this way in my lost memories?

A growl ran deep from my throat. More unbearable questions racing through out my mind. I started to walk to an unknown place trying to  get rid of my curiosity. Humming a child's lullaby. It soothed my thoughts and my body, along with my fangs. I knew that I couldn't over do it with the feeding. Because last time I did, I struck a fever. Whatever reason it was, I was sick for days. And I didn't want that because I didn't even have a place to stay.

Maybe I shouldn't have killed those people or burnt down the place I last lived. But I needed to, didn't I? Yes I did. If I stayed there any longer the government would have found out about who and what I am. This is why I always have to be on the move. A horrible place to live, but there was no where for me.

Even though I am not human I started to get a chill. Must be from the hungry I put off and the man I have meet. I found a coffee shop and walked in wanting to get a human hot drink. I might as well try hot chocolate. Every human seems to be fond of this hot drink. I took out the fifty dollar bill the man left and ordered a hot chocolate for here. I wanted to get rid of the chill. The people gave me my hot chocolate without even glancing at my eyes. I guess it is normal around here.

Or maybe not normal. Maybe the humans think that I am wearing what they call contact to help people see better. I smiled at that thought and didn't feel so out of place knowing that the human's wouldn't mind my eyes so much. I took a seat right next to the window in a corner and took a sip of my hot chocolate. Even though I hated chocolate alone, this hot drink was amazing. I took another sip and was in awe. How do human's make up such things like this?

When I started to relax a group of people caught my eye. They were human model gorgeous and all humans stared at them. The people walked into the coffee shop I was in and went up to the line. There was two girls and three boys. And they all had the same kind of eyes as eye, except the line going through the pupil was a black and not a white.

My mouth went dry and I couldn't move a muscle. One of the boys looked over at me. He has blond hair that was long, a muscular form, and his skin was like any other with those eyes. porcelain pale. His mouth popped open a little and showed small fangs that was almost hidden fully. The others looked at me.

One of the girls had long blond hair and looked like she could be the first guy's brother that saw me first. The other had long jet black hair like him but was smaller and had a little weight to her, but yet she still looked out of this world. The guy standing next to the girl with black hair was tall, almost about 6 feet seven inches. He has a buzz cut with black hair and a tattoo on his neck. It was a dream catcher. The last guy had black, long hair. He stood a little shorter than the dream catcher guy and had a tattoo. But this was a black star on the back of his neck.

I wondered how I looked to them for a second but I couldn't stand being here anymore. Somehow I felt the need to run away and to hide forever. Hide until those people wouldn't see me. I knew they weren't human because the smell that came off them. They smelt cold and like roses. Something that I liked a lot.

Luckily the door was close by and I hurried up out of there running. I couldn't look back. My nerves were on edge and I couldn't stand being near them. What if they wanted to kill me since I wasn't their kind nor a different kind. But what kind were they if they were not human nor a hybrid? 

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