Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


5. The Lulling Sadness

Snow was driving downwards in a slowly, sad way. I felt warm and along with the sky, grey with iced tears. I sat down on the fountain top and laid the empty soup can on the ground. In my free year I have taken liking to this one song that I hear sometimes. With my brilliant mind I remembered the full lyrics and how the song went. It was my favourite and it suited me, or what could have been me if I was human. But I am not human. So I listen to this song or hum it when I feel too alone.

Sometimes I think that I am to emotional for my own good. Even when I put up the idea of hating every human being, there just comes a time when I believe about the good ones. When I am able to smile and kind of feel as if I fit in. I cleared my throat to start my saddening lullaby that would forever be in my heart. Every time I listen to this lullaby or hum it, I imagine that a mother would hold me tight and sing it to me.

The lullaby was called Deep in the Meadow by Willow Shields. Some humans stopped and paid attention to me and the lullaby. Old people had smiles on their faces and kids held onto their mothers hand. Money came my way fast and before I was done I had gotten thirty dollars. To the humans, the Whites, they said that I had an amazing voice. Even though they only heard me sing twice. Once after I first heard music then after when they wanted to show the Master.

He liked my singing and orders me to sing for him and his wife on a couple occasions alone, away from the Whites. The Master's wife cherished my voice and wanted me to sing live, but the Master said no. I wasn't allowed out in the public because I was a monster and could kill anyone at moments time. After that the Master's wife looked at the floor with sorrow. I could tell she had a kind heart and she was one of the reason's why I believed humanity had a skim of sunlight.

I moved onto another song called Come Little Children by Hocus Pocus. It was a song for me too. It was a song about someone bringing children to the darkness and killing them. Like me. I am a monster who brings people into the darkness and kills them for my own life. Not too bad since I wasn't doing it for the game, like how humans kill other humans for the laughs of it.

Slowly the snow changed from slow and depressing to fast and fearful. People went away all but one. The people was the man I had saw across the street from me. The beautiful creature who I was so curious about. I reached down to collect my money, not taking an eye off of him. He just stared back at me with those purple eyes of his in a depressed way.

"Who are you?" I asked him.

"Who are you?" He repeated my own question. This brought me back to the old man. I wanted to tell him my name was Violet. A name that was once belonged to a dead child, but now was my own. I wanted to tell him that I actually have a name. But when I opened my mouth a gush of wind blew hoards of snow around me forcing me to shut my eyes. Once I opened them again the man was gone. But in his place was a fifty dollar bill for me.

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