Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


11. The Dream Catcher Guy

The scent of blood drove me out of a darkened state, with the Whites engraved in the gruesome screams that once have been ripped out of my throat. Right away my throat felt dry and like sand paper, along with my mouth. My fangs started to grow to its unusual length, the length of a hybrid. A moan reached outwards and into the air, showing that I was dying for thirst. I opened up my eyes to see where the blood was coming from and I saw the dream catcher guy with a wound. He was at the edge of a bed I was laying on.

His eyes went to me and then to a window. Outside snow was falling thick and fast, marking the earths innocence. The smell of his blood though, cause non- innocent thoughts go through my head. But somehow, everything just seemed wrong. No matter how thirsty I am right now or how sweet and mouth drooling delicious his blood smelled, I can not force myself to lick up his blood. Confused and what I wanted and what I thought, I pulled a pink and white floral comforter over my head. Hoping to block out the smell of his blood.

"Why are you bleeding?" I asked him. He didn't answer me right away. As if debating whether or not he should talk to me and tell me why.

"Aren't you hungry hybrid?" He asked me in a distasteful way. Somehow that kind of hurt me. Why do these people hate me, even though I didn't even do anything towards them. "You seem to have been hungry the night we tried to kill you. But then an old man saved you. Causing us to increase your transformation." He spoke. Transformation?

Curious I peeked outside of the blanket. "Transformation? What do you mean by transformation?" I asked him another questions. The guy laughed and took a seat right near my feet. Up close to him I was able to see his features a lot more better, definitely in this lighting. He looked outrageously hot and I wanted him to be mine. With his looks and blood combined the hunger inside me heightened.

He looked at me in the eyes. "You are one of the most stupid hybrids I have ever met. Where were you born? In a cave? The transformation is when hybrids take on their final faze. Either they choose to be a werewolf or vampire, or sometimes if they are from the royal family, they can choose whatever they want to be that isn't one of the two." He said.

I let a frown be painted onto my face. "It sure seems as if I was raised in a cave. But I don't know where I was born. But the Whites say they found me in an ally. If that counts. And I don't think that I will have the chance to choose what I want to be. I am a lab experiment, not a full fledge hybrid. Something all of you hate I suppose. Maybe that is why I don't know that there are rules or whatnots in my world. Or now, our world." I tell him.

The dream catcher guy looked out the window. "So it really is true. You are not a full hybrid. You are oblivious to us creatures around you and the Council. I kind of feel pity for you. I am surprised that you are not killed yet. It seems as if the universe is bent on keeping you alive." He says. Then the wound on his neck heals as if by will and he wipes the blood onto his baby blue sleeve he is wearing. "My name is Carlos."

That is the last thing he said before he walked out from the room. Leaving me in a confused state. And for some reason the name Carlos sent me into a frenzy of black dots and tears and light headedness. Carlos was the name of my Master. Or was the name of my Master. I have heard it once before. "Carlos." I whispered to myself. "Master."

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