Mistress of Darkness

In the cover of darkness my prey never sees me. They won't hear me nor will they smell me. Even in their prime of the wolves they can't see me. Those people in the white cloaks made sure of that by injecting chemicals and cells of both vampire and wolf into my cells. But now there is this one... one that I am curious about...


30. The Demand

My room was empty except for the room décor and myself. Although the emptiness doesn't black out the sounds of my werewolves voices that were yelling in the room beside mine. They don't know that I was up yet, but even if they did, it would only make things worse. Ciel was staying quite, really quite, and staying out of the argument. Demitrius and Carlos were yelling at each other about me being connected to another Hybrid and the fact that we were all prisoners in this vampire den. Alexis and Courtney were crying because they got hurt and threatened right after I tried to escape, and they were most likely tired of hearing Demitrius and Carlos fight.

Their argument was getting on my nerves as well. Finally I decided to get up, annoyed that they were fighting over something that was my own fault. With my Hybrid speed I went from my room to their room in two seconds. "Enough!" I yelled at them. Everyone looked shocked to see me and turned my way. "Listen. I just spent the last half an hour hearing you two yelling like an old married couple! Jasquelle has made you come here because he has to stop me from fully connecting with Mabuz. I am sorry that happened, and I wish it never did. But it did happen." I started to yell myself. "So stop yelling and listen. You guys will only stay here for a little bit longer because I am going to prove to Jasquelle that I am ready to kill my maker. And when I do kill him, you can go home." Courtney's brows furrowed and she looked at the ground.

"You sound as if you won't be coming back with us." She said. My jaw clenched and I looked at her, trying not to show emotion.

"It's because I ain't going with you guys. Obviously there are better ways to live without getting people I care for hurt or in danger. There is another Hybrid here in this building. Meaning that I can live with him and other Hybrids. I won't be alone anymore." I told her. Courtney looked up at me and looked as if she was going to start crying again. "Now, stop arguing and start living here. Supper here is at ten. For breakfast it is eight in the morning and for lunch it is at three in the afternoon. In between you can snack of fruits and drink tea. Light's out at eleven and I don't know how long you guys get to sleep in for.

"There is a work out area, a spa, and a lounge room. If you don't wish to go into any of those there is a garden that is guarded and video taped. If not those options, you can simply stay in your room. Tomorrow I will fight Mabuz again, I know that much. If I can win in the fight I will be able to kill my maker. I plan to do that and for me to, I will need as much training, food and a good nights rest. Meaning when I come back from my training I better not hear a peep out of any of you, at supper time you better not be disgusted in who I eat and how many, and when I go to bed I better not hear any of you again. Do you under stand?" Everyone was looking at me as if I lost my head.

It is true though, I did lose my head. And that is why I need to do everything in my power to make these people safe again. "Who the hell made you in charge of us? We can do whatever we want, and we are finding a way out of this place without your help." Ciel yelled at me. I looked at him and regretted it when I did. His eyes were red, his nose red, and his face looked a little pale. "I mean, you are the biggest threat and monster here. We do not deserve to be talked to or treated in such a way you are treating us." His words stung and felt like poison to my heart but I couldn't allow them to realize it.

I stood straighter and looked Ciel in his eyes. "It is true. I am the largest threat and the most monstrous person here, and that is why I am telling you what to do. If you wish to find another way to escape then do so yourself. This place is heavily guarded by both vampire and werewolves that have gone to an evil side. The only time when there is a possible escape plan is at twelve when vampires feed on their humans they keep, and if you can fight the werewolves. I am sure you can do that, but once you do the alarms will sound and you will be tracked down my highly skilled trackers. When you get captured you will be executed by having your head cut off and being burned. I you wish that on yourself then go ahead." I stated.

Carlos's mouth popped open and he looked outside. Demitrius, Alexis, and Courtney paled. But Ciel just looked at me with a harden expression. I wanted so bad for this to be a dream and wake up in the garden Ciel and I made love in. To be in his arms and to be able to kiss him and love him. But that was impossible now. "What have they done to you?" Demitrius whispered. "You aurora, it is only black now. No flickers of any colour, no colour at all. You poor soul, what have they done?" He went on. "Violet, please, please stop this. Fight them. You can do this. We can protect ourselves, we can love you and bring you the happiness you do not hold anymore." I kept staring at Ciel, yearning to be in his arms once more.

"They done to me what will not be done to you. I will make sure of that." I told Demitrius without looking at him. "I don't need you guys anymore. I am well off on my own, and the vampires promised me a billion dollars once I kill my prey. They have a house they don't use anymore that will belong to me and when I do kill, I will be free from the vampires." I told them. Tears threatened to break out and I knew they could tell that. "Just do as I say and they will not glance at you. Much less hurt you more." I managed to say and ran out of the room.

Vampires that were in the hallway were staring at me with hatful looks but I ignored them. I ran towards the library and once I got there I went to my reading section where no vampire bothered to go. It was a small cushioned area that looked like a little bed that was built underneath a shelf of books. A cave of some sort that was made for reading in an enclosed comfy space and for a nap. Built for kids but there was none that was interested in this place. Once there I let go of my tears and started to bawl my eyes out, letting the pain and hurt and heartbreak take over me.

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