Love Falls In Three, or More

Lily is a friend of Eleanor. Eleanor is really excited to meet her boyfriend, Louis. Louis likes her. Niall falls in love with her, and so does Harry. She gets stuck in a love triangle. How does she set out? She breaks up with Niall and Louis seems to be butting in. He has Eleanor though. Will he break Lily's heart or Eleanor's heart?


5. Chapter 5: H-H-Harry?

It lasts a minute and then I ask him the big question. "Niall, I know we only met, but, I really like you and I want to go out with you. Will you go out with me?" "Yes. Lily, I really do like you too. I will go out with you."

We drive home with the windows down blasting out the song 'Unconditionally' by Katy Perry.

We enter the house all happy and holding hands and El just looks at us. The boys just woke up and it's 11:47 and they are sitting around the TV. I sit next to harry and Niall sits next to me. We watch Anchorman. We're at the part where Ron meets Veronica at the party and fails to flirt with her.

I look at Niall and I lay my head on his chest. He kisses my head and continues to watch. I must have been tired from last night because I fell asleep.

Niall's POV

I sit and watch her sleep. She's so peaceful. I motion to Liam to get some popcorn. I can't get up 'cause she was sleeping. Harry looks all depressed so I ask him, "Hey, mate, what's wrong?" "Oh, nothing, I just don't feel too good. I'm going back to bed." He gets up and slowly walks to his room. He slams the door.

Harry's POV

I can't believe that they're already going out! I liked her on the first day. And not she's Niall's! I have feelings! For her. I wish I had talked to her like Niall and I would've had her. "Ugh" I sigh. Tears start forming in my eyes and they fall down. I cover my face with my blanket and cry myself to sleep.

Lily's POV

I wake up with 4 sleepy boys. "Where's Harry?" I ask myself. I wander off to the stairs and go down to a room with an 'H' written on the door. I knock and then a bed head harry opens the door. "Well... Hello!" He says. His eyes puffy and bloodshot. "What's wrong harry? Have you been crying?!" I ask. "Uhhhh.... No. I had something in my eye." "Really Harry. Spill." I say seriously. "I'm jealous. Ok?" He says. "Of who?" "Of you and Niall. Ok? I liked you and I thought I might've had a chance. But Niall took that chance himself and my heart got ripped out." "Oh. Harry!" I say hugging him. "It's alright. My sleeve rolled up, "what's this?" Asked harry.

"'s a scar." I say. "When did you get it?" He asks. "2 months ago." Harry gives me the 'are you serious' look. "Ok. Here's the story.

4 years back, I had a problem with sleeping and my dreams. I also used to cut myself and put loads of makeup on because no one appreciated me, and I got bullied. But when I met Eleanor, that's what changed me. She told me to stop cutting and take all the makeup off. She told me about 'Inner-Beauty' and that makeup makes you look pretty but the real beauty is inside. So I stopped and we moved in together. I've had a few bad dreams like that but I had one this morning. I only cut that was because some girl called me a whore and slut. So that's the last time." I finish.

"Wow. I didn't know your life was that bad." He invites me in. It was huge! I sit on his bed with him and we start to talk. He leans in and kisses me."I still love you. Just don't tell niall, this is out dirty little secret." He says with a wink.

"Uh. Ok." I say back.

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