Love Falls In Three, or More

Lily is a friend of Eleanor. Eleanor is really excited to meet her boyfriend, Louis. Louis likes her. Niall falls in love with her, and so does Harry. She gets stuck in a love triangle. How does she set out? She breaks up with Niall and Louis seems to be butting in. He has Eleanor though. Will he break Lily's heart or Eleanor's heart?


4. Chapter 4: The Kiss

We get to their house and I walk in. "Heyyyy!!" I say. "Hey Lily and El!" Niall says. "Ready for that rematch?" I ask. "Yeah! And Liam and Harry are sleeping in, so it'll be 1 V 1." He says. "Alright." I say. "I'm gonna see Louis." Says El.

I beat him 62-55. "Good game, Horan." I say. "And good game--" "Jackson, Lily Jackson." "Jackson." He says. "Lily Elizabeth Jackson." I say, "HEY! You want... ICE CREAM?!" I ask. "Do I EVER! Gimme gimme gimme" he says jokingly. I grab my tub of cccd icecream. I grab two spoons and we eat the ice cream up fast. "You're very pretty, Lily. I like you." He says. "Uhhh... I like you too." I say. "Uh. We should hang out more often." He says. I had ice cream on my lips and he looked at them. "May I kiss you?" He asks. "Umm... Yeah. Ok." I reply. He leans in slowly and kisses me gently. His lips taking my ice cream off. "Mmmm! I love this Ice cream!" He says. "Yeah! Me too!" I say.

A pulse of electricity ran through my veins. I haven't had a kiss like that ever. He must've wanted more because he leaned in again. This time, the kiss lasted longer. El came in while we were kissing so I quickly ended it and acted naturally. We ate our ice cream like nothing happened. "What?" She asks. "Oh nothing." We both say. "I saw you guys kissing." She says seriously. "Uuhh.. We weren't kissing." We both say. I guess it's making her suspisious. "Yeah... Right!

I get a text: 'You should go out with him!!! ;) -El xx' 'I'm not sure. Maybe. I don't want to make the first move. :( I need help:( -Lil xx'

"Hey, Niall, do you want to go out for a drink with me? Or something?" I ask. "Yeah. Sure! Where do you want to go?" He says. "Starbucks or anything you want." I say. "We should go to the mall." He suggests. "We don't need to cover up." I say.

I grab my keys and purse an head out the door. I get in the car quickly and drive there fast. We get to the mall and already we have a crowd. We head in fast and get a table. "What do you want?" I ask. "Same as you." He says. "But you don't kno--" "I know, but I trust you." He says. "Ok" I say. I walk up to the cashier. "Two Vanilla Bean Grande's please." I order. "Can I get your names?" She asks. "Yeah. Niall Horan and Lily Jackson." I reply. "Thank you. And would you like foam?" She asks. "Uhh.. Yes please." I say.

I wait for our coffees and then she calls us. "Niall Horan and Lily Jackson?!" Girls at Starbucks start freaking out. I take our coffees and pay quickly so we can get out. I put my iPhone on shuffle and plays 'You & I.' "I figured it out. I figured it out from black and white. Seconds and hours, Maybe they had to take some time," I sing. And Niall joins in. "I know how it goes, I know how it goes from wrong to right, Silence and sound Did they ever hold each other tight?"

L- Like us,

N- did they ever fight?

L- Like us?

Both- You and I, We don't want to be like them, We can make it 'till the end, Nothing can come between, You and I, Not even the Gods above, can separate the two of us, No, nothing can come between, You and I,

Then he looks at me and kisses me on the instrumental part.

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