Love Falls In Three, or More

Lily is a friend of Eleanor. Eleanor is really excited to meet her boyfriend, Louis. Louis likes her. Niall falls in love with her, and so does Harry. She gets stuck in a love triangle. How does she set out? She breaks up with Niall and Louis seems to be butting in. He has Eleanor though. Will he break Lily's heart or Eleanor's heart?


13. Chapter 13: Love Song

He kisses my forehead as he gets me in the car.

"I-I love you, Lou." I say to his face. "I love you too, Lily. Eleanor has never loved me like you. I know you just said I love you, but Eleanor doesn't love me. I love you, you love me."

He drives me back to my place and walks me to my room. I sit on the couch and he lies on my bed, on his phone. I pull out my "Secret Journal" and begin to look in it.

"Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please. Way too many people in the Addison Lee. Now I'm at the age when I know what I need, oh, whoa, Midnight memories, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Baby you and me. Stumbling in the street, Singing, Yeah these memories, Anywhere we go never say no. Just do it, do it, do it, do it, 5 foot something with the skinny jeans. Don't look back, baby follow me, I don't know where I'm going but I'm finding my way. Same old shh but a different day. You and me and all our friends. I don't care how much we spend, Baby, this is what the night is for, oh, oh, oh

If you were Jay-Z, I'd be Beyonce. We could rock the nation like they do. And if I was Mona Lisa, you'd be DaVinci, Paint a smile perfectly on me. And if you were James Dean, I would be your Audrey, Breakfast at Tiffany's for two. So throw me away. Cause if I were a boomerang, I'd turn around and come back to you. Back back to you you, yeah yeah, You you yeah yeah. If you want to, we'll take the world by storm. Show you places, you've never been before. LA, New York, what are you waiting for? Drop him, take me, cause I love you more." I read.

I smiled as I finished the pages.

"What?" Louis asked. "Oh, nothing. I'm just reading my Lyrics." "Can I read?" He asks. "Sure. Try singing them." I say.

He sings 'Our Memories' *~aka Midnight memories~* and he laughs. "Is there something wrong?" I ask. "No! They're perfect. They're unique too. I love them." He kisses my nose.

He starts kissing my lips and carries me to my bed.

We start making out and I hear a big slam.

I jump and go see what it was. I see a medium sized figure and freak out before seeing what or who it was.

Sorry if it was short! The next chappie will be exciting!!!

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