my mum adopted one direction

only child, until my mom decided to adopt 5 idiots


2. shopping?

" so guys you choose between going home or going shopping for uniform clothes and everything you guys want or need." my mom said i love her , not because she spoils me or now my brothers but she doesn't act her age i can tell her everything she is like a bestfriend

" um we um don't um know? you um choose um beth" harry said " well um why um not um go um shopping first?" i said trying to annoy harry " hey um is my word beth!" i started having a laughing fit i have problems with laughing i laugh at everything ! then i heard another laugh join me it was niall's " w-why a-are w-we l-laughing??? niall asked " i don't know" i answered " i started everything!" harry said trying to be funny  we stopped laughing we both looked at harry " you pooped it harry" "hey mah bad" he said i took out my phone and went on facebook and posted

"short to be honest on your sexy wall?

like o.-"  

i noticed my profile pic was from 3 months ago i need to update it i want one with all of my brothers but then it will be too much that could be my cover hmm what about with niall then with the rest " niall take a pic with meh!!" i said he nodded " smile!" i took the picture perf " why do you need the pic?" he asked " its my new profile pic" i said " profile pic ? for what" "facebook" i said " whats facebook?" he asked i showed him my phone he nodded i uploaded the profile picture and in seconds i got 20 likes i'm kinda popular i got a comment that said 'whos the hottie?' oh wow really , i laughed it off and then went into twitter nothing  new then we arrived at the mall we shopped for the guys they have different styles and every know or then i saw something i liked and buyed it but one this my mom got them all and was the first thing she bought was a mac book pro i phone 5's i pods i pads for all of them and i bought a new laptop case " mom can you take a picture of all of us?" she nodded and took it ha new fb cover when we got home their jaws literally touched the ground i wouldn't judge them i think our house is too big! i showed them their rooms and told them to come to me if they already chose the colors they want their room to be and what furniture they wanted then i showed them my room and niall said he loved me because of my jb wall !!!! he is so sweet they are all sweet i'm glad i have them here!

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