my mum adopted one direction

only child, until my mom decided to adopt 5 idiots


7. grounded or naw

i'm bored!! i'm hungry i'll just go eat -.- i got out of my room and walked down the stairs until i got tired so then i sat down and started pulling my self down once i reached the floor i crawled to the kitchen and opened the fridge yummy fooood! " what are you doing young lady?" i closed the refrigerator slowly and smiled "nothing just chilling with my friend" i said " oh really? well about earlier you are not grounded no more i got mad because you set a bad example for your brothers!"


" wait hold up i can't change who they are if they want to be bad they can if they wanna be good they can they don't depend on me" i said " good point" she said " by the way i need to go to ireland for work just for  two months" she said " i already knew that.." i said she nodded " what do you wanna eat today?" " nutellla" i said " something else that is not nutella" " umm pizza?" i said" okay i'll pass by and buy the pizza after i got grocery shopping!" she said and walked out the door 


what time is it? i wondered it 2:00 pm they should get here sometime around 2:05 then i heard a knock on the door i opened it louis entered and the rest followed " you mah sis you is mah new hero!" he said i nodded " weres mom " niall asked " shopping for groceries" i said " well lets play truth or dare?" liam asked " okay but 1 rule it has to be a dirty truth or dare" i said they nodded

__________________________________after a few dares___________________________

" okay last round i dare harry  to streak and run around the neighborhood!" i said " what?" niall said in a innocent tone " why not?" harry took of his clothes and opened the door he was butt naked and ran out " WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING YOUNG BOY?" wait is that mom?

OH S#!T!

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