my mum adopted one direction

only child, until my mom decided to adopt 5 idiots


5. first day of school

"beth I've been loving you since I first saw you at my concert!.. and I was wondering if.. well I don't know be my girlfriend" Justin bieber said he looked nervous and shy " Justin I would lo.."


"BETHANY I WAS SCREAMING FROM DOWN STAIRS WAKE UP" who the heck thinks she is I ignored her and went back to my beautiful dream but then I felt ice cold water I screamed and jumped of the bed shivering I was getting goosebumps everywhere I was cold and angry "haaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahaha" a laugh is that a laugh who is laughing I looked up and saw my mom staring at me with a really red face eyes becoming watery and holding her stomach

-10 mins later-

she just stopped laughing and walked out of my room like nothing happened I'm still mad 1.because she woke me up! 2.because I can't flat iron my hair!.

but I could always scrunch it up with moose and hairspray good idea I did my hair and my daily routine then the hard part came up clothes I chose washed out jeans with a salmon colored long sleeve shirt that had black hearts and my brown combat boots. Simple but I like it and its Monday I did my usual makeup and came downstairs I grabbed the box of cereal got a pan and poured the rest of my cereal in there all of it I got the milk poured it and a big cooking spoon and started eating breakfast while everybody stared but her they hatin I'm lovin it except niall he joined with the same Idea I had  I think I found my best friend

************************** at school*********************

"common guys these are my friends " I said to them " guys these are my new brothers i pointed their names and said their names harry Louis liam zayn and niall" just then the biggest slut of the school came up to us and  said " who are the hotties?" what the fuck ? who is she i mean they are hot but she ain't dating them not while I'm alive " non of your bees wax slut go fuck one of the jocks but don't up near my brothers before i go shanaynay up yo ass! slutty slut !" i said " you wouldn't dare touch one hair of mine a little scary cat " she said chewing her gum like a stupid cow that's it me scared " in your dreams!" then i swinged a punch to her face i took the first punch everybody gathered around us and made a circle she was going to pull my hair but i kicked her on her knees as hard as i could and she fell to the ground ha weak bitch i got on top of her and kept swinging on her face and she didn't do nothing i heard as everybody cheered i kept doing that until i got tired i stood up and kicked once again ! and walked to my friends " come on guys the slut learned her lesson" i said with a smirk playing on my face " you are little bit to protective over them!" one of my friends pointed out she wasn't my bff they haven't got here " no I'm not they can date but not the slut of Mariana!" i said " plus i got my revenge on her tripping  me on the hallway Friday! she had it coming" i added i turned around and looked at my bros they had shocked faces like the haven't seen anybody fight i couldn't help but giggle!


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