Sacred [Harry Styles]

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats


1. The man in the darkness.

The man in the darkness.

It was like a nightmare, from which I couldn't wake up. I couldn't see anything, it was pitch dark, but I heard voices, which were calling me and they sounded really worried.

''Isis, Isis...Are you alright?"- A deep male voice said, but it was kinda attractive too.

I tried to open my eyes, but the fear was stronger. Fear, from what was about to happen. Finally I did it. I opened my eyes. Some curious faces were looking at me oddly, others worriedly. There were even people staring mockingly.

''Hey, I'm really sorry. I didn't pay attention for a moment and I hit my ball towards you. Are you okay?''- The raspy male voice asked.- "By the way my name is Harry, Harry Styles.''

The only thing I could do was look at him, but he didn't move his gaze from mine either. He was handsome, a lot. But there was something about him that got me alarmed, something dark. He looked concern, but I knew that deep in side he was making fun of me. Every other boy would. He grabbed my hand it was like I could read his mind.

"I should take her to the nurse, she looks really pale. I shouldn't have hit the ball that hard.''

At this moment I felt how the dark invaded in my mind, but this time there weren't any voices. It was more like a vision. There were lightnings, screams and a male figure. I couldn't see his face, because he was hidden in the darkness. I only heard his whispers.

''Isis, I love you!"

Those words hit me like an electric shock, and I instantly came in conscious. I was soaring in the air and I looked up to see Harry's face. He was carrying me to the nurse's office.

''How do you know my name, Harry?''- I asked a bit ungratefully.

What would he think of me. 'I'm carrying this unknown girl, because she needs help and she's asking me how do I know her name.' Harry looked at me thoughtfully.

''Everyone in this school knows your name. I may be new, but I know the town Davon Port too well.''- He answered my question firmly. I should have just thanked him.

''Thanks for the help.'' I smiled, but didn't move my eyes away from his face. "I think I can walk on my own now.''

He looked at me again, it was like his eyes were asking me if I'm sure about it. I nodded in an answer of his question and then he slowly and gently put me down on the ground. I stayed still for a few seconds to try to keep my balance.

''Do you want me to send you to the office or you think you could do it yourself?"- Harry asked.

''I think I can do it. Thanks again and I'll try to make it up to you.'' I winked and smiled at him.

I started walking to the office, but I turned around to see if he was still there, but Harry was already gone. I turned around again and kept walking to the nurse. I knocked on the door and went inside.


Nurse McConaughey was an old woman, but she was perfect at doing her job. I told her what happened and she checked my condition. The woman told me it was nothing serious and I had a little concussion, which was harmless.

I walked out of the room and went to the Biology classroom. On the way I met Sarah, my best friend.

''Isis, what happened at P.E.? Who is this Harry, who hit your head with the ball? How are you? Why didn't you call me immediately?" She stopped talking to take some breath.

She always has been this talkative and extremely caring. What should I say about Sarah? She's a great person and amazingly beautiful. She rarely showed her external beauty because she didn't like the people who were interested only in her looks. She is average height , has long hair with unusual colour.  Maybe something like crust of a tree, something not very black, but not that brown either. Her eyes are like chameleon, always changing their colours. In fact I think they were changing of her moods, which was a little strange. The bell, that signaled that the class was starting, cut my thoughts and we both left for class.

On the way I told her about what happened with every detail, but not the parts with the terrible nightmare, the vision and the time when I read Harry's mind.


The last three hours went awfully fast, but I couldn't stop thinking about the man in the darkness and the today's events. The last bell rang and went to the parking lot with Sarah. Tonight she was going to sleep over  my place, because her parents were out of town, and my were in Italy on a business meeting. It was unusual for us, Friday night, the start of the school year, to be at home, but I didn't feel like partying or any gatherings. I just wanted to go home, make popcorn and watch a movie. 

I parked the car in front of the house, took my backpack and shut the door closed. I had the strange feeling that I've been watched, or maybe it was just my mind messing with me. After the hit I was feeling a little dizzy...

The night was really fun, we were looking at my photos. when I was six-years-old. We remembered our childhood. I took an album, which my mother was hiding from me. There were the photos of my birth father, who died when I was nine. I look a lot like him, I was responsible and independent although I am only seventeen. I tried to hold back my tears, but they prevailed. They ran down my face, burning like fire.

''Hey, don't cry...''- Sarah said and wiped the tears of my face.

''I can't, Sarah. I miss him too much. He was the person who understood me the most. I shared everything with him.." I stopped my tears, not wanting to feel weak.

I had to move on because of my family. Sarah hugged me, I put my head on her shoulder and fell asleep.

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