The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


11. you can call me...

They lead us too a bar somewhere. The prancing pony. Its a broken down thing, The windows broken, shutters hanging by a screw, the P in pony is missing and Its really filthy. “Why did you bring us too this place.” I ask in frustration “ we are supposed to be recruiting people. Fantastic creatures I mean.” Isabelle rolls her eyes “ No duh Sherlock.” “Guys! Stop fighting!” yells Liz. We all head inside. OMG! As we walked in, I scanned the area. They were people with pig heads, trolls, goblins, hags, a unicorn?, a mommie, you name it. “ act like your just wondering around, not like your looking for some one, and when we find it, don't react in any way. It might draw suspicion.” says Isabella. She nudged me and we where about to nonchalantly go over too something but no such luck. “ Hey darling!” We turned around too see the bartender looking at Isabelle. I snorted, Isabelle and him? Maybe he was just drunk. Isabelle's fist clenched and got coated over in ice. Her sister, Isabella, put her arm around her, trying too calm he down. “ I am NOT your darling. Now move before you attract peering eyes.” she said through gritted teeth. I saw Isabella wince and realized that was the wrong thing too say.

* * *

he glanced malevolently at Isabelle and then yelled too the whole room “ Hey guys! Look at them! Wanna do a bidding for them? But just warning, the Blondie is mine.” I stood there, shocked. Did that man just put us for bid on our bodies? Isabella face-palmed and whispered “ good job sis” I saw the others standing in the middle of the crowd, gawking at us. I shrugged at them. Then I looked at Kyle, he was standing there, glaring daggers at the bartender. The bidding started at one thousand. It reached one million for Isabella and then someone shouted “ ZERO FOR ALL OF THEM.” Everyone stared in shock at a person that looked like it was made of shadows. I couldn't tell if it was a women or a man. They all backed away in fear when they realized who bid. The shadow appeared right next too us and faced the bartender. “ zero or all of your lives.” It said. I saw The twins exchange a happy glance. The bartender looked at the crowd who were all saying “GIVE THEM!” over and over. He then backed away. “lets go somewhere more private to converse our deal.” we nodded and followed It outside. The others joined us later. “go on.” It said too Isabelle and Isabella. They nodded and then Isabelle surrounded our group in a ice bubble. Then, Isabella coated it with fire, it fused together, neither dying out. “Okay, what's the reason for your visit this time.” it said at Isabelle. “ We want too offer you a job.” She said. And then I realized that this was the person they want to join us. “are you a man or a woman.” asked Elo, but then her face flooded with heat as she realized she said that out loud. “ I am neither. I am both.”

* * *

great. Just what we needed, a he-she.” said JK in a annoyed tone. The shadow 'He-she' narrowed it 'eyes' at us. “and why should I work for you.” It said. “that's what I was wondering.” Said Kaleb. “ah. Master Kaleb. Its nice too finally make your acquaintance. Lets see... you died in the sixteen seventies. By being bullied too death by these people with delirium. So you turned into a bully yourself...” Kaleb stiffened and said “ how do you know all this.” It took out a huge book from somewhere. It ruffled through the fragile pages and said, coming too a halt “ there. In the K section.” “ wow! How did you get this.” I asked, incredulous. “ made it myself” It said super proud. “I know everything, everywhere. It helps when your here one moment. And gone the next.” when it said the last phrase, It disappeared. And reappeared in a tree. “ now, why should I help you in your adventure too kill Francisco.” “you know about that?” Ashton asked. It stared pointedly at him until he mumbeled “ right, you know everything.” “ Well, you could help a revolution, save the world, learn new stuff for your book, maybe Kill Francisco, etc.” I said. “ I want payment.” “Isn't living free a payment enough for you?” “ not really, but fine. I'll do it.” It got up and shook hands with me, I was surprised too find out that they didn't pass right through me. “OK, now we gotta go find more people” Said Kyle. Our group started heading up, but I asked “ Whats your name” too It

* * *

you can call me Mystic, wanderer, lone ranger, shadow, wind, darkness, night and even It.” It finished, looking at me. I smiled at The shadow and said “ I'll call you Mystic.” Mystic nodded and we tramped forward, Heading north. Then, night fell and I realized it was full moon.

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