The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


12. werewolf

Kyle fell too the ground screaming in pain and thrashing everywhere. I stared, horrified. Kaleb swore under his breath. The veins stood out on Kyle's hands, witch where clenched into fists. He coughed out blood as claws shot out of his knuckles. He grew longer and leaner. His fingers retracted, forming paws. The same happened too his feet and his shoes tore into nothing. His face was red and sweaty, wait, no, it turned brown like his hair and covered it self in fur. His torso followed, than his arms, then his legs, and the rest. His nose and mouth grew into a snout. And his ears moved up into wolf ears. A tail appeared and his clothes ripped too shreds as his scream turned too a howl. His eyes turned completely black. The transformation was complete. A huge half wolf half human stood over me, his mouth was dripping with foam and his eyes glinted evilly. I could see no Kyle in them. I was stuck. And he lunged for my throat.

* * *

a big shape slammed into him as he was millimeters from me. A...bear? OH! Elizabeth! She pinned him too the ground and dogged his attempts too bite her. Her bear paws pushed his torso deep into the dirt. Then, as he turned too look at me, his eyes widened in reconnection. Then, my muscles unlocked and I ran away, fear ruling me. I could hear them calling me and the heartbreaking howling of Kyle... he just tried too kill me. I ran and ran. I could hear them following me. Something jumped on my back and I screamed in terror I flung the thing off and heard the cry and the crunch of someone hitting a tree. I stopped short. I knew that voice. I turned around in a rush and found what I dreaded. Eloise. She was lying crumpled under the tree. How she ran that fast surprised me. She was covered in scratches and her arm was twisted awkwardly. I sat there and stroked her hair, muttering my apologies.

* * *

At dawn, they came, Kyle hanging back. They took in the sight. “ what happened?” asked Kaleb with fury in his voice. “ S-she jumped on me and I didn't realize it was her. I shook her off and she went flying at the tree..” He snarled at me and ripped her from my grip. He stood there, murmuring encouragements. I sat there, shocked. Then, I turned around and walked away, my eyes prickling. I entered a clearing that was not far from the group. I stared at my hands. What have I done?!? Kyle probably hates me now and I have no idea about Elo... I groaned and closed my eyes, leaning back on the grass. I felt someone lie down next too me. I smelled the smell I loved so much. Kyle. I stiffened. He tentatively put his arm around me, like he was trying too pick up some scared animal. I rolled around and buried my face in his new shirt. I shivered and shook with sobs that would not go away. He stiffened in surprise. Then, started stroking my hair, like I did with Eloise. “ why are you crying?” I looked up at him and saw weariness in his eyes. I let out a cry of agony and reburied my face. He though I was repulsive, horrible. I screwed up any chance of romance between us. He grabbed my face in his hands and pulled my face up. “your not scared of me are you?” He asked sadness and sorrow creeping into his voice. “ what? No! I thought you hated me because I ran away!” He chuckled “ I could never hate you babe” He said and then we made out.

* * *

when we pulled apart, I was triumphant. No one interrupted us this time! Then, they burst into our clearing. “ we have too leave. There chasing us again!” Yelled Isabelle. And we took off. I looked at Eloise in shame. She was running and on her feet. She felt my stare and faced me. “ I'm not mad at you, I completely understand what you did. It was stupid of me too do that.” she laughed “ I was loosing steam and couldn't keep running.” “I'm so-” “NO! Don't you dare apologies.” I nodded and continued too run.

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