The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


14. separated

We arrived into the clearing and found Isabella and Isabelle battling two giant bat thingy. Isabelle had two ice knives in her hands and Isabella had a spear of fire. Isabelle's eyes where furious and Isabella had an arm missing. At the same time, they jumped at the monster the other one was battling and swiftly killed both with the spear and the knives. We joined them and I realized mystic was gone. “wheres Mystic?” I asked. Isabelle frowned and said : It usually does that when danger is here. I guess the deals over.” great. Isabella observed her torn off arm and flicked her available wrist. A arm made of fire covered the stump. “Where were you guys?” asked Elo “ we were walking around, on the guard .” said Isabella, then, we heard a howl.

* * *

ugh. There almost hear already. I could see ten of them in the distance with my vision. “come on guys! Lets move. There's ten.” We took off and headed east. Then, twenty came from the left and followed us. Another twenty came from the right and did the same. I felt as if we were being herded. They drove us over a hill of snow and into the waiting jaws of the enemy. there were over thirty of them waiting. It was 60 to 9. I killed a dozen, but more kept coming. Thud. I turned and saw Eloise bound by rope. I ran too her but got roped up too. Soon, everybody was tied. I saw Isabelle and Isabella trying too use there magic, but too no avail. The ropes apparently made it impossible too use our powers. I gotta get me some of that. A tree went whizzing by my head and took out more of the creatures. Twisting my neck, I saw Kaleb, his feet poised in the direction the tree went.

* * *

As if one, the monsters converged on him and ripped him apart. His body parts flew everywhere and you could hear the howling of pain over the metallic screeches. They then gathered up everything and burned him in a big fire. The air was momentarily obscured by purple and vile smoke. Kaleb.. the strongest of our group... was gone. Eloise had tears running down her face and she looked like she was missing a piece of her. Elizabeth shacked beside me in grief. I pulled myself together before I became unresponsive because of pain. Then, four creatures grabbed us (the four vamps) and carried us off. I realized that The sisters were being taken off in a different direction. I turned my head and fear and pain shot through me. Elo and Kyle were being taken from me. Kyle! I locked gazes with him and saw love, sorrow and pain in them. Then, they disappeared from view. The evil filth carried us off into the night. My scream for kyle silenced by the gag. As my heart shattered, all I could hear were the words Kyle told me when we were lying in the clearing after the werewolf time “ for ever. We will be together for ever and no one can take that from us.”



authors note: hi guys, well, that's the end of this book. Do you think I should do a sequel? Once again, I am really sorry about the length of this chapter.



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