The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


2. Gone.

I adjusted my sun glasses as I walked into the mall. I inhaled deeply. Ah what a marvelous smell! So sweet and refined. Like liqueur to a alcoholic. I walked briskly, shielding my face with my shoulder-length, dark-red hair. Tightening my black hood that covered my head, I reminded myself that I couldn't get distracted. There was a job to be done, a friend I had to visit. Besides, I couldn't be caught, there were to much witnesses. I sped my walk to a brisk trot and rounded a corner. A man called out to me and grabbed my jacket. “ hey pretty” he breathed in my face, the smell of his breath confirmed my suspicions, he was drunk. “ why don't you hang around with us.” no thank you.” I snarled briefly and twisted to get out of his grip. His friends laughed. I growled in my head, wanting to hurt him physically. To much trouble, he would be disgusting and I wouldn't be able to continue my job. I pulled away and dashed from his sight. I could hear them calling me back and guffawing loudly

* * *

getting off the escalator, I saw his shop's sign. I grinned in excitement. He would be so surprised. The bells jingled as I entered the sports shop. A pretty assistant came up to me and asked “ may I help you mam?” “ I'm here to see Ben.” I replied coldly. She stiffened and said “ he's not here.” I immediately knew she was lying. Looking at the far wall, I saw a room just behind a carefully disguised door. In it sat Ben, nervous. I exited the shop and re-entered at top speed, nobody noticing me, the bell not tinkling. I went through his door and closed it without making a sound. “why hello Ben.” I said pleasantly. He span around and stared at me with wide, horrified eyes. “h-how!” he stammered “ did-did Maria tell?” I laughed my velvet laugh “ no. You didn't think you could fool me, did you?” He glanced nervously at the wall and I whipped around. On it were rows and rows of garlic, there were holy water near the door and some stake lying near him. I snorted, totally amused. “ you seriously believe that that would stop me? I always took you as a person who never believed in superstition.” “ I did until I met you.” he said, annoyed and embarrassed. I flashed my irresistible smile. I could feel his purpose slipping away. Approaching him, I grinned happily, my teeth flashing. I heard his gasp and he tried to run, but he was rooted in spot. It was way too easy. “lets get on with this then” I murmured, my voice chiming in the air. “ you made the mistake of trying to find out more, now you'll pay, goodbye Ben Roosevelt.” and I lunged. Planting my teeth in his neck, almost kissing it.

* * *

All I could see was vivid ruby red. My eyes adjusted. I was in the middle of the mall and thousands of corps littered the whole building. I could see it. Oh crap! Francisco was gonna kill me! I tried to remember what happened after I drank Ben's blood. After I was done, the over whelming smell got to me. My throat burned worse then ever. I lost all urgency, secrecy and reason. I started hunting. I better leave before the police came. Hmm... there was too much evidence. Bloodless bodies littered the place, even the dumbest man on earth would see the cause. I needed to destroy everything. Dynamite! Of course! It was strong enough, hot enough and destructive enough that nothing would remain except charred pieces. Casting my unnatural senses to scour the building, I found a shop that sold explosives. I dashed up, almost flying, and spread them all over the place. Then one by one, I set them on fire. I flew out of the mall and watched from a good distance the huge explosion. BOOM!! Even from where I was, it shook the ground. I heard sirens and people shouting. I ran away into the night.

* * *

I arrived at the grand building that was hidden deep in the forest. I shuddered, Man I was NOT walking through that door. I crouched, coiled to spring, and jumped into my room, through the big window. Straightening up, I saw my reflexion in the glass wall. Frozen forever at seventeen, I had full lips, pale snowy-white skin that glittered in the light, shoulder length, messy dark red hair. Perfectly detailed, my skin was tougher than the hardest rock. My eyes explained the vivid red I saw after my killing spree. My body was flawless, I was unnaturally strong and fast. I was a vampire and I was proud to be one now. I was one of those special vamps, the ones with strange abilities, even for us. I could see through lies, disguises, minds and obstacles. Also, I had laser vision that I could turn off and on. I was my maker's pride and joy, but I did disappoint him sometimes, like now. “IRENE!!” I winced at his fury and zipped down the stairs.

* * *

I came to a halt in front of him and he glared at me, his eyes full of disappointment. This hurt me even more than if he would scream at me. I seriously wished that he would, anything than this. “ I'm sorry Francisco” I mumbled and shame washed through me. Curse him! He could trick and change peoples mind, manipulating them. Its one of the reasons I stayed. “ where going to have to move again!” He said in exasperation. I stood very still, looking at the floor. “ I asked you to remove ONE insignificant human and you destroyed the WHOLE mall! If this goes on, my plan will never work.” Suddenly anger washed through me, flooding my vision in red. “ WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEME!” I screamed at him, loosing control “ YOU WANT US TO DRINK HUMAN BLOOD, BUT ONLY THE ONES YOU SAY TOO! IM THIRSTY! MY TROAT IS BURNING AND YOU SAY NO! YOU DONT EVEN LIKE ME! YOU'VE BEEN LYING THE WHOLE TIME!! IM JUST AN EXPERIMENT TO SEE IF YOU'RE GOING TO SUCCEED!” I was howling now, smashing stuff in my fury. He didn't even have the dignity

to look ashamed. I saw his thoughts, he was planning to raise an army of us and then take over. I then sensed him, trying to take control of my mind, sending thoughts of him in a good light. Loving, peaceful ones. That was it. I lunged for his throat and started ripping him to peaces. A screeching metallic sound ripped the air. I launched the pieces all over the place. I left and set the place on fire with my eyes. The absence of purple smoke and vile air should have probably make me suspicious, but in the heat of the moment, I didn't notice. Fear took me and I ran away into the wilderness.

* * *

5 days and 5 nights passed while I kept running in my fury, I swam over a ocean and finally stopped, I was in Vancouver. I felt like fire was burning my body. ARGH! It was too populated! I needed a town around Vancouver... I ran away into the forest before the smell would make me go nuts.

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