The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


7. caught

As I dash towards his house, I try and unscramble my thoughts. Obviously I cant kill Kyle now since I've realized with great annoyance that I love him. What now. I stop short as I hear a whisper “ What are you doing” I whip my head around towards the sound but I only see trees. Then, using my vision, I see the tree right in front of me is glowing in blue. I look around me again and notice that I am super close too his house. I fix my attention too the tree and say “show yourself.” The leaves tremble as if by surprise and the tree disappears. In its place stands Elizabeth her arms splayed in the way the branches were. “ how did you know it was me?” she asks quizzically. When I am about to answer, she shakes her head and asks another question. “ so where were you going? JK said you started coming this way recently so I positioned my self so I could see you and talk too you.” “ wait. You were SPYING on me!?!” “Ya, but that doesn't matter.” she says blowing it off “ your avoiding the question. Where were you going.” I shuffle my feet awkwardly “none of your business.” I say finally. “duh. Of course its my business.” she says. “you can tell me” “oh ya?” I fire back “ so I'm supposed to trust a girl who tortured me too know why I was here and what my powers where.” “ pretty much. Look, I'm sorry about that OK?” I sniff and turn on my heels. I march away and read her mind. See IS sorry, but I'm not focusing on that. I find the section that shows her powers and I stop at what I see. “ you can turn into ANYTHING at will!?!” I ask pivoting and facing her. She freezes and look at me questioningly. “how do you know that?” she says, her voice full of suspicion. I sigh and say “ I guess I owe you that. Meet me tomorrow at school.” with that, she nods, says “ its a full moon tonight”and leaves, no doubt to tell her coven.

* * *

I continue but find myself going south instead of east. I then sense why. I stiffen and my mind I repeating: oh no, not hikers! Leave them alone, just walk away! But theirs no stopping a hunt. I dash off to meet them.

* * *

I take control after they are dead. I moan to myself. Seriously? Great. I shake my self and go back to where I was before. I mutter a news caption as I approach his house. “ two hikers where found dead this morning, lying on their trail. They were bloodless and had no visible marks of aggression.” I start climbing the tree “ scientists believe they hurt themselves and died bleeding too death. Or somehow got eaten by a giant leach that made its way there.” I'm about too swing myself up onto his window sill. “ well, that's sounds like a horrible death doesn't it?” I tense and let myself fall. Turning my head, I see Kyle looking at me with amusement, surprise and annoyance. I take a deep breath and wince as his smell burns. “so, before I call the police, what are you doing climbing my tree.” My own annoyance ripples through me. “none of your business.” I turn around, fold my arms and stare grumpily at the trees. “hey, well, Its obviously my business as your climbing MY tree near MY house, probably going to swing onto MY window sill.” his voice takes a surprised tone saturated with sarcasm. “OH! I bet your one of those stokers! You know, the kind who creep around you and watch you in your sleep. I never envisioned you like that.” If I could blush, I would be as red as a tomato. Great. Now this guy that I like thinks I spy on him. Witch is totally not wrong. “look, Kyle, Its not what you think-” “ Not what I think? I come home and I see you climbing up my tree, what else am I supposed to think.” “um.. that I work with the tree trimming company?” He rolls his eyes. “you know what? Just forget it.” He moves towards his door and I see that he's trying to conceal a limp. “your hurt!” I say and move towards him. He flinches and turns slightly facing me again. “ no.” I let out a huff of annoyance and look at him properly. His hair is tangled in branches and leaves, His face has scratches and his leg looks sort of twisted. “what happened?” I ask, concerned. He swears under his breath and glares at me “ I fell.” “do you think I'm stupid?” I stop inhaling as I bend and touch his leg gingerly. He shrinks away, his face contorted in pain.

* * *

“ You should see a doctor, I think you twisted your leg somehow.” “ I'll be fine.” he says curtly and moves forward a bit but then trips over a root. I move fast and catch him as he pitches forward, pulling him up. Pure agony. That's what we both felt when our skin touched. I backed up, letting him go. “why do you care so much for me anyway?” he says, rubbing his arm resentfully. I stare at him, lost for words. Then, as I look into his eyes (witch are more like melted bronze than just brown) I find myself babbling. “ I care for you because I love you, when I first saw you I loved you and I was scared-” my eyes widen as I realize what I just said. I look at his face and I see shock. I turn around, prepared to dash away, a pricking sensation behind my eyes. But jut before I could move I hear him whisper “ I've always had a thing for vampires.” Then I feel his powerful arms encircling me spinning me so I face him, regardless to the pain. And then, we are kissing. It feels so good, but hurts so bad. My throat feels like it will rip and my body like it will turn to ashes but we don't break apart. For the first time in my new life, I feel safe. His arms are so steady and strong. It lasts for several moments, It could go on for hours for all I care, but he eventually pushes me gently away, gasping for air. “we don't want to strain your self control do we” he asks. After he says this, I really feel the pain. “Meet me here tomorrow night, same time. And he kisses me one more time then disappears in his house.


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