The misunderstood vampire

*finished*This story is about a Vamp that is taken from her comfortable life and is thrown into a world of terror, love and danger.


13. Alaska

We stopped when we reached Alaska. Eloise couldn't keep running. So, we decided too walk further into the snowy place too try and loose the monsters. All of our eyes were starting too turn black. (not including Kyle, mystic (whose eyes were already black) and Elo) So, we left the werewolf, the shadow and the mermaid and took off too find prey. Some distance away, near the ocean, we saw a group of polar bears. And of course, we lost it.

* * *

We were pushing and clawing at each other in a frenzy for blood. The bears scatter. We stop. “ okay. How about this.” says JK “why don't we each hunt somewhere different and separate.” we nod and I head west. I travel some distance and encounter a brown bear. Crouching low, I stalk it so too not alert it. When I'm about too leap, someone beats me too it, sinking there fangs in him. I yell in rage. Its Kaleb. I turn around and go in another direction. I head even more north. After a while, I spot a black bear this time. I chase it but it takes off, thundering through the forest. I follow, hot on its trail. Finally I leap and sink my fangs in it, savoring the blood. When I'm done, but not nearly satisfied, I follow its sent and drag the corps with me. I find a den, in there are a female black bear and some cubs. I drink all there blood and go back and find the others, still carrying the bear.

* * *

when I get back, I drop the dead thing at Kyle's and Elo's feet. They look at me as if I'm crazy. I sigh in impatience “ You guys must be hungry. There's meat in the animal.” they nod in understanding and I mentally face palm myself. I proceed too skin it and hand out the flesh too them. Eloise pulls a face but eats it anyway. Kyle's already done. I offer some too Mystic, but it refuses. After an hour or so, The others come back. We sit there, looking at the sun go down. Then we hear someone cry out. I realize that the sisters are missing. We rush off towards the sound.

authors note: hi guys, sorry about the shortness of the chapter, I have a bad case of writers block and I'm running out of ideas. hopefully the next chapter will be longer

bye, moongirl

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