Inside My Head

She can hear him, she can see him, but she's doesn't know, she's the only one. She loves him but he's driving her mad. Everybody tells her she's crazy. She swears he's there. How long can she live like this? Will he ever leave?


2. What?

part 2

“Ok honey, Harry.” “Someone call the doctor” One of the people said. I don't remember any of them at all. None of them look familiar but somehow they all seem to know my name. “Evelyn baby do you remember me?” the woman on the left of me questioned. I shook my head no and her eyes filled with tears. She ran out of the room, a man taking her place. “Hello Evelyn. I'm Doctor Boyer, I've been taking care of you for the past week. You were in an extremely critical car accident. There were seven others involved besides you. Only four of them have survived so far. You are very lucky, as is your friend Sydney and your other friend Megan. You three and a passenger from the other car are the only ones as of right now that have survived.” He told me. All of this information coming at me so fast. I cant believe it. “Do you remember who Sydney and Megan are?” He asked. No. I didnt remember anyone. All I know is there is a boy named harry sitting at the end of my bed and I know Dr.Boyer. I shook my head no. “Can you talk? Could you try to say no to me instead of shaking your head please?” He asked. “I can talk. No I don't remember them at all. I don't remember anyone.”I said. He looked really confused. Did he hear me?

“You remember me don't you Evelyn?” Harry questioned with a huge cheeky grin on his face. “Yes I remember you Harry because I just met you.” I said looking right at him.

“Evelyn? What are you looking at?” Dr.Boyer said.

“Harry.” I said but he obviously didn't hear me or something because he just kept staring at him. Why are they acting like they can't see him? I bet theyre just trying to play a trick on me. Maybe thats why they can't hear me. Its all a big joke they are playing on me. Ugh. Why can't people be nice for once? Why?

Dr.Boyer turned away from me and started speaking to a man standing by my bed. “Just let her get some rest. If shes better tomorrow she'll be able to go home the next day.” He said flashing a grin at the end. He was a very charming guy but I like Harry. Hes better than anyone at this point.

“Ok Evelyn, time to get some rest. Get a really good dleep so you can maybe go home in a few days ok?” The man that talked to Dr.Boyer said.”Ill see you tomorrow, I love you.” He added. “Ok. Goodnight” I said a little confused.

I closed my eyes and it wasnt too long before I fell asleep.

~AUTHORS NOTE. gosh this is short I'm sorry. I'll write more tonight maybe. Love you guys 😘

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