Midnight parties

When Alley party's to hard and ends up in 5 random guy's house and is told that she is there slave but she ends up falling for one of them


1. Party To Hard


Ever since me and Ryan broke up I've been parting after midnight but all I do is drown my heart in vodka. Tonight me and my beat friend Lilly are going clubbing at 10

~at 9PM~

I put on a really short strapless black dress, some light makeup, and red high heels. Suddenly I hear a knock on my door. It was Lilly I quickly got in her car and headed to the club. When I got to the club I headed to the bar and got 7 shots of vodka. I really knew if I put I step on the dance floor and start grinding I will regret it but my stupid self felt the need to dance I started moving my hips to the beat of the music soon I had a guy on my hip then he said " nice dress I wonder how looks underneath " after I realized this guy only wants to get laid I say " yeah... Um well I'm calling it a night" I tried to walk away but he grabbed my wrist making me face him then he put a piece of cloth on my face that smelled like alcohol then the whole room went black. I woke up on in a strange room then all the memories came back then I quickly checked if I still had my clothes on " thank goodness " I mumble the. I look up to see 5 guys surrounding my bed I notice the curly hair boy smirking then he said " I sure will do it soon" what a douche then a blonde boy said " I'm Niall that's Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn here are the rules 1. Don't try to escape or there will be punishment 2. Do what we say no matter how much it hurts 3. Never leave this room unless we say so" then they all left just leaving me and Louis he gave me a smirk.

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