Midnight parties

When Alley party's to hard and ends up in 5 random guy's house and is told that she is there slave but she ends up falling for one of them


2. My Pain

Alley's POV

I was there in front of Louis with his stupid smirk. Then he started coming closer to me making me want to just run away from this house. Then he pushed me down and started sucking on my neck.

All great alley you just got kidnapped and turned into a sex slave and your just standing there when your technically going to lose your "v" card to some perv....... DO SOMETHING! No wonder Ryan broke up with you your a idiot !

I quickly kick him in the manhood head for the front door but again luck isn't on my side because some one stopped me before i could even twist the doorknob and they carried back to that stupid room where i almost got raped. but when i got there Louis wasn't on the floor in pain then the door flung open revealing Niall with a slice of pizza and a glass of water. he walked to my bed and sat down.and gave me sympathetic look. then he said "love, i brought you some food" i suddenly remember when i was in high school i was overweight and started staring that also led to cutting. i didn't notice that there were tears escaping my eyes  then he wiped them away and said "don't cry love" i don't know why but i actually felt safe with him i hugged him and he hugged back. i started sobbing in his neck and he rubbed my back. then he got up and headed towards the door but before he could leave i said "WAIT! please stay" he turned around and laid down next to me under the covers. i put my head on his chest soon i fell asleep.

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