Midnight parties

When Alley party's to hard and ends up in 5 random guy's house and is told that she is there slave but she ends up falling for one of them


4. Alley's freedom

Alley's POV

after Louis said that i felt sick no wonder he  has to force i girl to sleep with him then Harry turned around to see me wanting to puke. anyway i was happy that Harry was dating some chick because that meant FREEDOM! but i will miss Niall i felt close to him i don't know why i only met him a few hours ago. then Harry walked down to the lounge i really hope Harry and the chick are official so i can leave with my "v" card anyway after Harry and Louis left i few moments later Niall came in and hugged me and said "I'll miss you love" what the hell WAIT that meant Harry's official YES! but soon Niall started sobbing in our hug i back away and say "Niall stop crying" "i can't Alley i know this is AWAY to soon but i want you here with me" we both look into each other eyes i seriously don't know what the hell i'm going to do but here it goes YOLO!  i started kissing him he quickly kissed me back what i thought would be a simple kiss turned out to be a steamy make out session then we were interrupted by a clearing throat me and Niall turn around to see all the rest of the boys stand there with a shocked look on there faces except Harry he looked hurt i wonder why then Liam said "Allison your leaving"


then Zayn said "what did you just say?" "i said that out loud didn't i" Niall chuckled and said "yes you did"

DAMN IT! there probably going to beat me up and drive me out to the dessert 

then Harry said "we would never do that plus there are no desserts in England" wow said that out loud AGAIN!       

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