Life changing

Kallie is a beautiful model, 19 and rich. Her life is popular until she meets 5 amazing boys and falls in love with one... Or two. Then finds she's pregnant with ones baby. The daddy wants it but will the other members say no?!


2. see you later

After about 2 hours, Niall had to go meet the boys for dinner. "You want to come?" Asked Niall. "I'm ok thanks for asking, I need to call Elizabeth anyways" I replied. "Ok well see you later babe". He just called me babe. "Take care polar bear" I said and kissed his nose.

*PHONE CALL* e = Elizabeth k = Kallie

K: Hey Lizzy

E: hey girl what are you up to

K: nothing much, just wanted to ask if you wanted to spend the night so we can get up early in the morning, go shopping then come back home and have enough time to get ready for the meet and greet

E: yeah that would be great! See you super soon then I guess

K: ok see you super soon. Bye


*DINGGGGG DONGGG* "COME IN" I yelled. "Hey girl how's it going" said Lizzy. " good, hey want to watch a movie I'll order some pizza". "Yeah sure, I'll go pick out a movie." Said Lizzy. " OKAYYYYY" I screamed in her face the went off to go get my phone so I could order us some pizzas.

After I ordered the pizzas I went into the living room to find that Lizzy picked out the movie, The House At The End Of The Street. I love that movie! After we got into the beginning of the movie, the pizzas came. "Be right back" I told Lizzy. "Ok". When I went to the door I got the pizzas, payed the man then went over to the couch.

At the end of the movie Lizzy was already asleep so I turned off the movie put some blankets on Lizzy then wen upstairs in my room. I decided to text Niall.

N = Niall K = Kallie

K: Hey are you still up?

N: oh hey babe. Yeah I'm still up why?

K: just wanted to see how your doing. I miss youuu

N: awe I miss you to babe

K: see you tomorrow

N: you'll see me?

K: oh that's right you don't know. Well gonna go to bed goodnight love.

N: goodnight babe sleep well

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