Life changing

Kallie is a beautiful model, 19 and rich. Her life is popular until she meets 5 amazing boys and falls in love with one... Or two. Then finds she's pregnant with ones baby. The daddy wants it but will the other members say no?!


5. Meet and Greet


After we got to my house we started getting ready. I hopped in the shower and and washed my hair, then my body, then I got out. I got my towel off the hook an wrapped it around me. Then I got one for my hair and wrapped it up. I walked in the bedroom and Elizabeth walked into the bathroom to get into the shower. I dried off real quick and put on my lacy thong and matching bra, then slipped on my dress. I shook my head around to dry my hair a bit then went into the bathroom to blow dry my hair. I finished drying my hair and Elizabeth was already dressed and drying her hair. I got out the curler and noticed the time was 3:00, so I turned on the curler and went a little faster so we wouldn't be late.


We stepped out of the car dressed and ready to go. I was so nervous and scared. What if they think I'm ugly, or weird?! We walked inside and got in line to meet them. It was coming up our turn and I was sooo nervous! We finally reached the table where they were sitting and they greeted us with warm smiles and a "hi". We said our hi's and started saying how big of fans we are. Then we asked for autographs and they asked for our names. "This is Elizabeth and I'm Kallie". ".....kallie" Niall mumbled, then yelled out: "KALLIE"!! I giggled then said "yes"? "Your the girl I bumped into at the store the other day. I knew I recognized you" he replied. "Haha yeah" I said. We talked more then exchanged numbers. We said we'd call them later then we left. "I freaking can't believe we just got one directions numbers!!" Squealed Elizabeth. I just grinned at the fact that we could be there girlfriends or become best friends.

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