Life changing

Kallie is a beautiful model, 19 and rich. Her life is popular until she meets 5 amazing boys and falls in love with one... Or two. Then finds she's pregnant with ones baby. The daddy wants it but will the other members say no?!


6. Lots of thoughts


The meet and greet was over and we were heading to the hotel we were all staying in. We had rented it out so none of the fans or anybody would be here. I was super tired and about to go to sleep in the car when my phone started ringing. I sat up and answered it then got tingles of excitement in my my body when I heard her voice. I had been to caught up in my thought to realize what she had just said.

N = Niall K = Kallie

N: I'm sorry babe what did you say?

K: I asked if you wanted to hang Out tomorrow or if you have plans with the boys it's fine.

N: Sure I can hang out tomorrow. What time should I come over and you can just text me the address

K: you can come over whatever time and ok I'll text it to you

N: ok well talk to you later babe bye

K: bye niallers


Niallers... She just called me niallers! I got tingles of excitement everywhere. She just had that effect on me. She made me feel like no one else could. She completed me and made me feel like the happiest person alive. I will make her mine.


Elizabeth was hot but Kallie was so much hotter and I wanted her right now. I could see the way she like at Niall and Niall looked at her and I didn't like it. I wanted her and he charmed her with his sweetness and cuteness. Kallie was so beautiful and so cute when she giggled. I wanted her to be mine. But I know how Niall is and I won't give up on her. It just feels like half of me has been gone and now it's completed again. I can't wait to see her again.


*Elizabeth's POV*

I absolutely can't believe I got one directions numbers!! I'm so happy right now I can't even put away my smile for one second. Harry is my favorite but I got upset when I saw how he was looking at Kallie. But then I realized that Kallie liked Niall so she wouldn't go after Harry....would she? I put away these thoughts and went into the bathroom to wash off my make up. I put my hair in and messy bun then put on some big Abercrombie and Fitch pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. I got comfortable and started playing on my phone when I got a text message from Zayn. I have to admit I've always had feelings for Zayn too. And now I was talking to him!!! I bursted with excitement and started talking to him. You'd do the same if you had his number.

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