F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


8. The Night Before




  Sunday Night
Lol Obviously since i clarified it's night time, But anywhore..

        It was only another thirty minutes until the official date of me becoming a high schooler 
happened. Eating only the blue and red m&m's out of Aiden's trail mix he had in the cabinet for soccer practice, while watching full length episodes of old Degrassi season's on my laptop to make me realize Clair & Eli belong together Elair need's to be an official thing so i can ship it, Drew need's to stop messing around with so many girl's, Jenna didn't have to get baptized for her boyfriends religion even though that was a cute dress she was wearing when she did, Adam happen's to be a guy in a female body but he didn't have to go to full length's by putting a cucumber in his underwear on a date knowing it eventually needs to be refrigerated,  and the principal has literally been there a whole life time. If i was scared before, I'm officially traumatized when 12 midnight hit's.

  Yawning getting a bit exhausted, but i'm still in a good mood because i finally got my braces off hehe! Anywhore, decided to click the pause button on the video on you tube to log in to face book even though since instagram, kik, & Snap chat were invented face book has been pretty dead. But i still wanted to know what everyone was thinking before school started. Right after orientation i went to summer camp and that was exactly what i needed besides the long hike mostly up hill, no internet connection, waking up early and mosquito's, there were smore's , cute counsler's, nice views, swimming, canoeing , making friendship bracelet's, arguing over fandom rivalries, sleeping under the stars, archery, and camp fire's , it was a good get away. Can't wait til next summer so i can finally be eligible to apply as a camp counsler. But getting off topic, the minute i got on and toke my time scrolling down the feed. Boring, Boring, & more boring. Everyone's probably on Instagram taking more than enough picture's of there new clothes for school. But im not a part of that life style since i never thought of making an instagram. Going through more feed i get a message from Acacia. 
              ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  
                                                Face book Messenger:
  Acacia : "Hay your finally online, we were trying to call you but you didn't pick up. "
I grab a handful of trail mix before answering back.

Me: "Sorry my mom toke away my phone :/ it's the night before school starts and i should be getting a ' good rest ' " I send waiting for her to reply.

Acacia: " And yet you still have the laptop?" she asks.

Me: " No she toke that too, she just hid it underneath her bed, ughh i snuck in there when her and my dad were talking about chapter 8 of fifty shades of grey brushing they're teeth." I shiver in a bit of  disgustment. 

Acacia: " Eww.. well that defnitley made me stop eating all of Daniel's gold fish." 

Me: " Isn't that for his snack? You know how your little brother is with food." I warn her.

Acacia: " Don't remind me the little demon stole my purse and slapped my hand away when i asked him for a dorito on our trip to Tahoe & for his little girlfriend Angela." I groaned from the thought of that 8 year old .. i don't think the correct word is saying bitch since she's only eight but.. she's a bitch.

Me: " She is so messy! I heard she and Kevin were getting pretty cozy on top of the monkey bars at the boys and girls club.
"Acacia: "I knew she was cheating, Ugh what does Danni even see in her?"

Me: " Animal Crackers, & probably hot wheel stickers haha." I laugh aloud a bit. 

Acacia: " Hahaha, oh crap hay is your Camera hooked up?"

Me: " Umm yep, why?" I ask starting to eat most of what was left in the trail mix can. 

Acacia: " Because i was on Skype with Brenda & i totally forgot while we were msging haha. Get on?" 

Me: " Sure, see you in a sec." I say before closing off and going to Skype. She i asked for a cam request and along waited until i finally got one.  Seeing Acacia look as if she auditioned in some sort of Hipster girl movie. "Hay, hay!" Brenda greats warmly along with Brinley Then my eyes turn to Brenda who walked over to her bag that was looked vintage and came back to the laptop that was on her bed so Acacia& I both could see the view of it. But it's seriously Adorable something you would find at Clair's.  

    " You're Bag is so eff'n cute, i'm so Jelly over here." Acacia laugh's walking over to her closet grabbing a bunch of clothes hung up on hangers thrown doubtfully on her bed. " Thanks, i see you went shopping?" Brenda says in between laughing since she was literally trying to walk her way out of them. " Ehm, a bit for school, what should i wear because i don't want to start the school year getting to much attention from what i wear ya know, i don't want to give people the idea i'm an undercover whore but i also don't want to give them the impression i'm just that random blonde who happen's to be related to Chad Clark." She says observing her outfits and pairing them up. I understood exactly where she was coming from since i wanted the same thing. I didn't want to live in my brother's and sister shadow anymore, you feel un noticed, not as if i envy them i just wish i was noticed a bit more, that's all. Acacia's Brother Chad is actually best friends with my brother James, haha both senior's and both competitive a**holes at times. They knew each other before me and Acacia even began a friendship. 

 " Maybe you should try on that shirt on the right side of you with those blue jeans and those shoes next to your door."  She looks in the directions Brenda pointed out the outfit pieces. She just gave us a ' Hmm'  facial expression  picking up the pieces of clothing. " Guess i can try this on then." Acacia says trying to take off her pajama bottom's. 

   Brenda & I both laugh as she struggles to do so. Brenda than opens her cute bag and grabs a plastic bag that has the staples logo on it, soon pulling out pencils and notebooks out. " See some one's prepared for their first day." I say between laughs. Brenda looks up to roll her eyes at me with a grin followed. " Ughh, how can i not be when two cra Asian parent's were shouting at me 24/7 to get it out the way  Breso! you were suppose to finsh all your sticky rice, you want to stay healthy forever,yeah? Breso! good job you can go outside and play..the damn piano for 3 more hour. " " Who's Breso?" Acacia asks finally putting her top over her head. " My mom calls me that it's short for my whole name so her & my dad calls me that." She gives off a sly smile continuing to transfer new school supplies into her book back. " We feel you Breso." i give her a deadpan face expression to only have her laugh in response. " Okay, how about it ladies?" Brinley asks spinning around in a small circle. Brenda & I both shook our heads no, that's definitely not what Brin whould wear on her first day, i could tell by the way she glanced at herself in the mirror she didn't like it either. 

   " Don't get us wrong it's a cute outfit, it's just-" " Not you on an event like this." I cut Brenda off as she agreed along with me. Acacia looked around clueless to what to put on, where to start. " Ouu i really like that  blouse on top of your dresser." I point out. " Those would be adorable with your dark jean short's and sandles." She picks up the items groaning. " I guess i'm changing again."  Brinley says unbuttoning her top. " Oh f*** me over and call me a dildo." Acacia says annoyed as anyone else would be. " What's wrong with you?" Brenda asks. " I just recieved mother's nature delightful gift, airn't i just a lucky one." Acacia says in pure sarcasim. " Are you  serious, of all weeks, this one?" I ask feeling sympathy for her, i mean it's going to be hard for her this whole week :/ 


 " I'll be back." She says before grabbing Always' Pad Brand & a pair of panties pacing into the bathroom. " Speaking of periods, has mother nature paid you a trip yet." I ask reaching for my tribal print blanket that was on top of my dresser a few feet away from the bed. " Nope, that's normal right?" She asks with a wanly facial expression. " It's totally- defnitley...." I start off saying while trying to reach the blanket that made it seem like i was in  the first Shrek and him & donkey are crossing those steps over the hot blazing lava underneath them, but instead of it being lava underneath me it would just be me hitting my face against a cold floor if i fell. " Fine!" I finish, finally having my blanket in my arms, but falling to the floor creating a huge thump. Oh ****. I glance at the laptop screen to see Brenda but all i saw was a red faced, biotch laughing and clapping her hands like a retarted seal, at her best friend creating a dent into the floor, luckily my plush rug is right next to my night stand so i'm okay America haha. 

 " Shh!!" I told her waiting to here if my parent's were up after that huge fail i made. But i hear nothing. I place the laptop back in my lap seeing Brenda calm down to a cooler state of mind. " I'm fine thanks for asking Brenda." I hint. " Sorry, i'm sorry i just had to, you didn't give me any-" She started before she bursted out laughing again. I just sit there with a straight face, trying to be as serious as i could but it was so hard from how much she's laughing. " Okay, okay im done, so do you think it's normal i'm getting it to late?"  She asks. " No, i barely got mine like last semester of 8th grade...I was at my house watching Television

                                                  *** Maddi's flashback  ***                                    

   Tuesday afternoon around 5 something maybe, any way i was on the couch with Richie watching television. 1,000 ways to die finally goes off and i decide to watch bride maids, grabbing the remote from off the coffee table infront of us. " Woah, what are you doing?" Richie asks me confused. " I'm turning to brides maids." I say only to have him pull the remote out of my hands. " Umm no we're watching Jennifer's Body it comes on in like 5 minutes on fx." Richie says scrolling down the listings, I grab the remote out his hands quickly trying to turn to bridesmaids only to have Richie try to pull it out of my hands. " Richie..Let...Go!" I say gritting my teeth. " You let go." He says tugging it harder. Our eyes both suddenly both meet the Television screen as soon as Seth Rogen came on. " What is this?" I ask still unable to un glue my eyes from the television. He scans the channel only for This Is The End.  To pop up. " Ahy let's watch this." He says. " I've been trying to see this movie like forever but then it was like rated R in the movie theater so i didn't really bother, but yay!" I say hopping up walking towards the kitchen. " Where are you going?" he asks curiously. " Make some microwavable Wetzel Pretzel's we bought yesterday." I say in a cheerful mood trying to moon walk backwards but failing sucessfully. " Make me one?" He asks. " I think were something." I say. " Can you please, my me one oh dear O' Maddi." I laugh from his remark only to find my way into the kitchen. 

  " Oh crap, i have to go take a piss, just start the movie." I say running into the bathroom.

   ** A couple Minutes later..**
I walk back into the living room slowly, and trying to stay calm. " Hay, i think you spilled some fruit punch were you were sitting& where's the pretzels?" Hay says. I laugh immediatly , not because any of this was funny but just because i was freaking out and nervous. " Richie." I start off, and get his attention. " You should leave, like, uh now." I warn him trying and praying he gets what i'm saying. " But i'm not getting picked up for atleast another half an hour you good?" He asks getting up, wondering if i was okay. Gosh just take a hint and leave! " Hay what's up with you two love bird- Holy shit you are covered in blood, oh my god." Before i knew it James came from around the corner of the kitchen, seeing pretty much, every thing freaking out and dropping his glass of OJ. " oh my god!" I panic. " oh my god, she sat in a nail or something!" Richie says freaking out. "  idiot, she's having her period!" James says hitting him on the back of his head. " What's going- omfg Maddi you have blood over the back of your pants." Aiden says widening his eyes & covering his mouth with his hands. " You didn't think i already knew that dipshit?!" I shout back at him. " Woah, Madisen, language." Aiden says throwing his hands up. " Bro, she's on her period she basically has the legal say so to drop kick your ass with a nail gun do we really wanna get on her bad side." James says nervously. " Oh my god! What do i do!?" I ask frightened i mean my mom told me all about it she just never told me it would rush like niagara falls. " You never had your period before?!" Richie asks confused and still a bit shooken up. " No, i havn't." I state proudly. " Oh my god James she's already lost alot of blood!" Aiden says freaking out more than ever. " Okay every body calm down i'm sure mom's gotta have some Pads around here, some where." James says looking through the drawers along with Richie. " James, listen to yourself mom is practically a dinosaur she doesn't have period's any more, it won't be soon til one of us has to help put them in adult diapers." I cringe at the thought. " Madisen's right check up stairs in Scarlett's room see if she has anything, go!" James says pushing Aiden towards upstairs. " Can't you just stick a cotton swab up there." Richie asks honestly thinking that's an option.

 " Look i'm just gonna walk to a clinic or something." I say worried. " There is no way your going any where in your condition, James hurry!" Richie states. " There's just plastic bags i don't know what you want me to do!" James shouts still searching around the kitchen. Out of nowhere Aiden flies down stairs. " I found the key to the promise land." Aiden says proudly giving me a box of colorful tampons from Scarlett's room. " I am not going to stick this up inside me, do you see this chunky fluffy rocket dildo, how comfortable would you feel knowing that i'm wearing those for five days. They all pull a face of disgustment. " Okay new plan, look around!!" James shouted as they all did so. Out of nowhere my dad comes from the front door, leaving from work, walking in the kitchen wondering why all this madness is happening. " Oh my god Mr. Russo help us!" Richie shouts freaking out. "Alright what's going on here?" My dad asks. " Uhh, Madisen's on her period for the first time and she's bleeding every where!" My dad then comes up with this non-exsisting unreadable face expression that's creeping me the hell out!! " C-congratulations...I-i-" My dad stuttered. " Congratulations? She's bleeding to death!" Richie squeeled the last part of his sentence that caught us all by surprise. All of a sudden, Op! There's the cramping. " Ohh, oh my god my stomach hurts!" I groan in a high tone. " She's having a contraction!" Richie panicked running over to the Nearest phone as James and Aiden searched around for something useful. " 911? Yeah, my friend is bleeding out of her Vagina!" Richie shouts over the phone worried. " Why are you laughing at me!?" He asks the operator. " I'm not dying!!" I shout smacking him in ther face for a reality check. " I got frozen peas & a sponge!" Aiden says holding up both in each hand. " Dad say something!" I shout getting more nervous. " You know what i got the perfect thing!" James says walking into the pantry coming out with a one of those pads you use to mop. " Maxi pad on a stick!" James says offering it to me.

 " All of a sudden the door shoots open & all our attention is on " Mom?" I ask excited, never happier to see her in my life. I wobble over towards her giving her a hug.

              __________ *****MADDI'S FLASHBACK OVER*****                            

  " I never want my period..." Brenda says, which would seem traumatized. Brinley finally made it back. " Alright i figured out what i'm going to wear tomorrow." She says in high spirits. " Really, what?" I ask. " You guys will all have to wait til tomorrow to find out, haha." Brinley says stretching in place as i yawned. " Guys it's 11:59, after this will officially be freshman." Brenda says excited.  " Are you guys ready?"  I ask them both. " For what?" They both replied. I take a second to look at my clock on my dresser that now reads 12:00. " Because now, we have to be aware of the ☮ Drama ☆ Lies ✞Tears, All the fears we are now facing in our teenage years "

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