F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


15. Sex Ed, and The Hallway Dive Bys


 It was Biology, also known as Sex Ed for two more weeks. So far it's been awfully blunt and I can't stand anymore of it before vomiting on the guy sitting in front of me who keeps shifting in his seat every time Mr.Fisher says " Vaginal Fluid" . I swear, After this experience of seeing images of patients with STDs, and Watching Mr.Fisher demonstrate positions on Dummies. My 14 year old eyes are traumatized for life. I mean I'm not even planning on having sex til I'm married with Justin Timberlake. But anyway I honestly thought the talk with my parents was awkward but I swear it had nothing on this experience.  

 " Russo." Mr.Fisher calls out sitting on the edge of his table. I look up at him biting my thumb nail as everyone turns back to face my burning red face hoping he of all day's he wouldn't embarrass me in front of the class. " You and your boyfriend go to a party. You guys are hitting it off, twerking or whatever and he asks you to take it upstairs, but you aren't ready. What do you do?"

  " I would tell him that maybe we should do something els-"",wrong answer!" He shouts throwing a ball that was in his lap, at my face. The class and I gasp in confusion turning back to him.  

" What the f*ck, Fisher!?" I ask, rubbing my soar face in disbelief from my teachers actions.   

He motioned some girl behind me to pass him back his ' Wrong-Answer' ball before speaking. " If you give one hesitant answer it'll automatically make any guy think your unsure and they can eventually reason with you. You have to make sure it's a straight forward answer so there won't be any complications."
  " Keep your hands off my Kitty Kingdom." The tumblr emo behind me mutters. Mr.Fisher claps once, making us all flinch from how loud it was. 

" Exactly!"   The bell finally rings before he says something. Thank the gods above. We all get out of our seats getting ready to leave before he steps in front of the classroom door, yearning groans from knowing homework was about to be given to us.   

  " Nope I don't think so Bros and Brosudas! Before you guys head out, this is your homework. Have a friend help you with a 5 minute presentation about peer pressure to preform in front of the class on Monday." We all nod and begin to walk out before he stops us once again." Todays Friday don't use Katy Perry as an excuse to go bang unprotected. Pack it in plastic, it'll be fantastic." Mr.Fisher winks, making my stomach cringe from his getty since of humor.

 The boys snicker with each other talking about what's going on at Styles' tomorrow before leaving the class.   Speaking of Styles, I haven't been able to get that text he sent me out of my head. Nor my phone. And I wonder what he meant by ' He's been through hell and back trying to get my # the only people that have it is like Alyssa, Jay, Alfie, Brin, Brenda, & Richie. Oh and That Irish pervert, Niall who is literally titled that in my phone book.

  " So partner, am I going to be the guy or the girl?" Acacia asks as we walk to her locker. " Because I surely would make a hot guy if you ask me." She stops at her locker, tying her hair into a quick bun before doing the locker combination. I roll my eyes leaning against the a locker before having my books being knocked out of my hands and down to the floor by Brice. My eyes lands on him, smirking at me mouthing " Whoops" before turning around and high-fiving his klatch of buddies laughing and walking down the hall.   

     The funny thing is that Steve Rendazo secretly wants me.            Like Harry Styles does.   Jocks like them always want socially awkward girls. Girls with horn-rimmed glasses and vegan footwear and Goth makeup. Girls who play the cello and wear Converse All-Stars and want to be children's librarians when they grow up. Oh yeah, jocks eat that shit up. They just won't admit it because their suppose to be into like the cheer captain of a cheer leading squad. Sorry Scarlett.

  " Ugh, Eat a burger ass-wipe!" Acacia spats at him. " I'd eat you Acacia." One of the jocks mutters loud enough for us both to hear. We both look at each other before laughing.

   " Guys are so disgu-"" Aww it's okay once you two go through puberty you'll get a craving for dick. But I don't think it'll help you get it." Bianca cuts Brin off, patting both of our heads before continuing to walk down the corridor.  

  " I'm sorry but last time I checked I wasn't talking to a slut." Acacia scuffs making me grin from her witty remark. Bianca turns around with a devious smirk plastered on her face. " Really? Because I saw you talking to your sister today." Bianca bit her lip trying to hold back her grin while Brin's face grew red and I knew at this point, her temper was finally on the edge of boiling. I grabbed her by her waist as Bianca laughed dryly before walking away.
    " Bye girls, oh and Maddi." She calls out turning around. "  You should stop shaving below, It left a mess in the shower this morning and it's not like anyone's going down there anytime soon anyway." She calls out louder than I expected. I try to cover my face with my hand so I couldn't see all the shocked faces around the hallway.    I never even shaved! But that wasn't the point. Her goal was to make each of our lives a living hell and I hate to admit it but she was succeeding big time.   Acacia knits her brows together still in disbelief.

 " Bro, I swear I saw her devil horns peeping out from her curly hair this time." I laugh from her comment as she slams her locker shut.    We walk down the hallway ignoring the bell that rung and start to talk about the party that's been in everyone's mouth today.  

 " So are you sure this will work? " I ask Acacia as we walk down the crowded hallway I've grown to get used to. I bit down on my nails waiting for her answer.    She knits her brows once again, pressing her lips together to hold back a laugh.

  " Remind me never to rob a bank with you. You'll probably go to the fuzz and tell them about us planning it and we wouldn't have even robbed it yet." She snickers as I rolled my eyes. " We aren't going to get caught, Madds'. Your parents already said yes about you 'sleeping over' at my house tonight. Along with Alyssa, and Brenda. Jeez, parents are so gullible these days." She laughs to herself. 

   " What about Jay, Richie, And Alfie?"  
" Their sleeping over at Jays and doing the same thing. Chill Russo."    I sigh combing my hair back with my fingers. Brin was right, I needed to quite worrying so much about all this and just enjoy tonight. Because tonight, I was actually going to a High school party. And that made goosebumps form on my arms.

   " I'll catch you later Russo!" Acacia says before sprinting off to her class. I laugh from her quick movement and turn around starting to walk to my class.    By now the hall was semi empty. I glance at a few upper class men , classes I passed by trying to get to art.    Tonight. Was the night. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. I felt it crawl over my conscious and consume it. Tonight was going to be the the night that I would never forget.

                                 ** X ** x ** X **

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