F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


10. Jawlines , Jealousy , & The Irish Pervert.


  " Bhandari, Bhandari, Bhandari.." Alyssa murmers to her self while guiding her fingers along with her eyes in search for her last name along with about 50 hundred students edger to find the classes they have this year.
  " God can you stop breathing on my neck? I already have a scarf on i don't need any added body heat!" Acacia spats pushing people out her way to get to the front.

  I glanced at the sheet twice noticing it had my last name on it and the home room i need to go to.

" Found mine!" Richie shouts getting a few peoples attention.

  " Me too mines is Room-128 hall 7." I say glancing back at them. " Mines is Room- 208 hall 5. " Alyssa says crawling on the ground to get through easier.

  " Let's all meet at the stairs as soon as lunch starts! " She shouts running confused to her destination.
  I glance back at Jay who was busy talking to these two girls who looked about our age. " Jay!" Acacia & I exclaim to get his attention, but of course it doesn't work because he hasn't cleaned his ears since last Christmas.
   " I'm going to go find my class." I tell Acacia only to get a look of confusion. " What?!" She asks. " I said i'm going to go look for my class!! " She nods in agreement as follow Alyssa's foot steps and start crawling out of there.

  " Ouch!! " I yell glancing at a foot print left on my red hand.
  I finally make my way out of the huge crowd and take a minute to realise how many people there actually was. I was still stuck on which grade was which they all look like hungry lions seeking an innocent gazelle. High school for you i guess. I glance at a older man i think i saw at Orientation. He had a jet black beard, olive-oil tan skin, and a Orange n' black Giant's sweatshirt with.. Dad Jeans... ew.

   I walk towards him inturrpting him talking to staff members. " Um excuse me? " I tap his shoulders to have glance at me along with the people he was talking to. " Do you know where this class is?" I ask a bit impatient because the last thing i want is for the bell to ring, and coming into the class awkwardly.
  " Hmm.." He takes the paper i basically shoved in his face out my hands and observed it like it was evidence on CSI. " Sounds familiar, alot of refurrals came from this room number. Dolora, do you know where this is? " He takes a huge gulp from his coffee mug, slurping it aloud.
  " Oh its's upstairs on the right side of the hallway near the end. " A middled age woman with freckles covering up most of her cheeks, and silk brown hair resting on her shoulders, directed me, pointing towards the stairs.

   " Thanks... so much! " I say running up the stairs as they all respond in " No problem " and " Don't worry about it! " 

   The hallways was crowded as hell. Tall intimidating people crowding the halls. Ughh my nervous itch is coming i can freaking feel it. I begin to walk along the yellow brick road not really getting noticed, just bumped, and " Hurry up!"s behind me, rushing me to walk faster through the hallway traffic upstairs. My eyes roam around hoping they'd land on someone familiar i could walk to my home room with. But no luck. All i was able to see was attractive upper classmen, hanging in their own group of friends laughing, rekindling friendship, relationships, and having a good time. And it made me "Jel 2 the X" I can imagine Acacia saying. I begin to continously scratch my chest, not my boobs, but above them haha; As my eyes finally made some sort of a familiar match but instead of a person, it was a room with the exact same number on the paper.
   *  *  *
  She kept calling on different last names until she finally landed on mine. It's about time. " Russo. " She called out and i jumped up faster than a blink of an eye. I grab the warm blue sheet of paper out her hand, gladly leaving out the home-room with out even glancing at my schedule.

 " Oh my bad-" I say bumping into someone as they curse to themselve.

  " It's o- Maddi?" A familiar voice calls for me causing me to turn right back around. " Jay!? "

  I exclaim running towards him maybe just a tad dramatic. " Where have you been?" I ask him hitting his arm as we began to walk down the hall.

 " I've been hangin, Constanly listening to the coach's whistle blow over and over and over, gawd i wish he'd stick that thing up his-" " Oh my god! you got braces!!" I gleemed trying to move his hands from covering his mouth. " Aw Jay, you look so cute, wess u dew, wess u dew!" I squeel as if i was taunting a baby. "Anyways- " He begins while we both laugh. "-How about you Russo?" He asks as we finally make it down stairs. I haven't you laugh when there's a serious situation. And he's also the reason i use to get sent out of pre-algebra class because he would always make my cry from laughter on jokes about our teacher Mrs.Piclin. Ughh i needed a good laugh this summer but i guess we were both busy :/ " I went to summer school and then i went to summer camp this summer and i've been playing soccer with my cousin you know, Angelo-" He nods snatching my schedule out my hands. " Oh & I also went to Italy to visit my grandparents and help with My No's pizzeria." " You have Algebra 1 Again?" I nod, not even needing to take a glimpse of the schedule, which i haven't, to tell me that. My grades sucked ass 8th grade year.

  " Do we have any classes together?" I ask while i mug a tall blonde guy who bumped into me with a sky blue piercing eyes glancing at mines with the same exact facial expression. But he was a cute son-of-a-f*ck haha. " Nope." He says shaking his head. I basically ripped the paper out his hand going over all my classes. 
  First Period : Biology - w/ Mr. Fisher
  Second Period : P.e - w/ Mr. Tompson
  Third Period : English w/ Ms. Garry
  Fourth Period : French w/ Mr. Anthony
  Fifth Period : glee w/ Ms. Hedd
  Sixth Period: Journalism w/ Ms. Jackson
  Seventh Period : World History w/ Mr. Dickerson

 " How do we not have any classes together?!" A devious grin appears on his face backing away from me. " I don't know but thanks for walking me to class." He says pointing behind him at a crowded classroom. " Wha- y-you jerk!" I yell at him as he wondered into the classroom. I roll my eyes and groan. I turn around trying to turn around through the crowded hallways. Oh. My. F*cking. Gawd.

   I walk into the classroom seeing test tubes, aprons, a messy drawn goggle on the board next to the teachers name. Mr. Fisher. " Ahhh!" I heard a high-pitch scream in the front of the biology classroom. I look to see Acacia waving her hand in the air to get my attention. " Maddi, Sit here! " Acacia says pointing repeatedly towards an empty seat behind hers. I grin rolling my eyes walking towards her. Her outfit was really cute by the way.

" So what have you been up to this summer? " I ask glancing at the friendship bracelets piled up on both her wrist. " Enh, I went to West Virginia to visit my Fam on my dads side." She shrugs while picking at her braces. Gosh i barely noticed how many people have- " Oh my gosh you got your braces off! " She grins basically prying my hands off my mouth that covered it. " Aww they look pretty, like one of those people on a colgate commercial aha! " She chimes. Liar. 

   " So anyways hows your aunt Linda and uncle Jack? " I ask her while playing with a plush froggy off of ' Mr. Fishers' desk which was currently vacant. Hmm, i wonder what teacher runs late on the first day of school. I like him already. Acacia takes my attention as she gasps like she was sucking in her last breath. The widest grin spreads on her face. " They had twins the first week i was there, she named one Bobby & the other one Casey. Oh my guurrdd, their like so damn adorable! " Acacia and i awe over the thought of twins. Her family already includes attractive genes. Their going to be sooo cute when they get older. "- Oh and I went mud sliding, dirt back riding, truck pool diving, and i even went skinny dipping near a resovor near Uncle Paul's House." Acacia continues to ramble about her trip until she finally pulls out a few pictures of her and the twins. " Good morning young lovers of skinny jeans, and shorts I'm your Biology teacher, Mr. Fisher." We all glance at a tall figure with long golden- brown curly hair, blue-eyed, bearded man that at least looked like he was in his early twenties. " Get ready to deal with my mouth for the rest of your freshmen year. " 

* * *








        ~ P R E S S    P L A Y - C O O L K I D S : B Y   E C H O S M I T H ~


 Alyssa's Outfit btw :

  && Brenda's :

  We were finally at lunch and it was crowded. Even though i had barely started going here i could already tell the categories most of these people fit in with. You have your typical jocks, your desperate wannabe's, girls who eat their feelings, burnouts , sexually active juniors & seniors, tumblr obsessers , varsity jocks , the popular crowd, the stoners , and the -sprung on drugs- Sophomores. And we, we're just the kids trying to fit in through all this madness. Well atleast i am.

  " O to the M to the F to the G , this place is like pinterest board, filled with ' bangable ' guys. " Acacia says as Brenda and I laughed. " Pin , Pin , Pin , Pin " Acacia and Alyssa say while pointing at each guy.

 " Aloha b*tches! " Alfie Beams while hugging us each. 

  " Oh my gosh Alfie-" I paused as i shared a kiss on the cheek with him. " We missed you!" I hit his arm as we walked to the lunch line. " So how've you been? Hows Connor and you? "  Brenda winks; picking up a turkey sub and a bag of doritos. Alfie immediatly groans and rolls his eyes, catching us all off guard.

  " Prince not-so-charming and i broke up like a month ago." We all gasp, with confused written on each of our faces. They have so much in common and their both funny, i'm confused?

  " And you didn't tell us?" Acacia Scowls at him while biting into her sandwich. He just shrugs, combing his hair back with the tips of his fingers.

  " Why did you guys break up anyway?" Alyssa literally takes the words right out my mouth. " Because he's a cocked face son- of- a gun." Alfie says louder than we all intended to get Ricky's attention. " Love you to handsome." Rj winks while these to girls basically suficates both of Ricky's arms with theirs. Ugh sluts. " Bite me, jack-ass."

  All four of us finally make it out the lunch line trying to search for a clear table. " You've got to be fucking kidding me. " Alyssa groans munching on a Dorito.

  " Found one! " I shout running to it as if i was katniss in the hunger games. Out of nowhere these band geeks beat us too it sticking their tongue out. Are you freaking serious? 

 I groan about to walk over there to give them my mind but Brenda stopped me. " Before s*** gets serious lets just go by the palm trees near the football field." Acacia points and breath of relief leaves out mouths as she makes multiple hand motions to hurry and go to the field. I walk over there to see a few guys playing football on the field. Nothing like a pastrami sandwich with a nice view ahead. We all sit on grass taking out our food. Thank god, i'm seriously starving.

 " Ughh What a day so far, i already hate my teachers yet i have all the class clowns in my class so i"m set for my Freshmen year." Alyssa says laying on the grass biting into a nutella sandwich.

 " Where are Richie & Jay? " Brenda asks. " Oh they're practicing with some of the-" "-Oh sweet Jesus.." Acacia mutters;holding Brendas reading glasses out & looks through them as if they were binoculars.

  " What?" " Those guys, jawlines, there just umpf." Acacia grin widens. " Can you control your ' Whore-moans' for once please?" Alfie laughs.

  " Tell me that's not a hot ass jawline, look at it! " Acacia whines pointing at beautiful smiles, totally fit, definitely out of our ledge, group of guys with all those charcteristics in them.

  " Holy crap kill me, their coming over here!" Brenda snaps us out of our tranze.

  " Wait, what?" I ask fixing my hair along with the 3 of them. " Oh my god, oh my god." Brenda mumbles before they both approach us.

 " You guys are freshmen, right?" A guy with a black muscle shirt, jet black hair & a dreamy set of brown eyes asks us. Oh my gosh i must be turning into Acacia because i could not get over how how he looked and the jaw line was a +5.

 " Yeah we're freshmen. " Alfie managed to say since the rest of us were still mesmorized by them.

  " Well no ones really suppose to sit out here while we're practicing football, we wouldn't want one of those, pretty little faces to get hurt now would we? " He grins at us all just sitting there staring back at him like he's some international Hollister model.

  " Aha you guys don't talk much do you-?" " Zayn hurry up coach was already on your ass for ditching practice last week." Louis shouts at him running around the track . He just waves his hand to shoo him away.

  " We'll go, sorry." I say munching on a goldfish until i accidentally bite my finger tip. " Owe." " Thanks guys, see ya around."  He says before walking off.

 " Oh and i-" He turns to us while walking back; towards the track field. " Thanks for the compliments. " He winks before running the track with the other guy. My hand flies over my mouth as soon as he says that. I cannot believe they heard our entire conversation.

  " What the hell just happened." Acacia croaks; laying on the grass as Alfie fans her face with his hand.

 " He just- he just, talked to us." Brenda shakes her head still confused, until a smile crept up on her face.  

 " We just talked to one of the hottest juniors here. Kill me dead, now. " I smile to myself. Even  though it was like a one-sided convo, it was one of the best since i've been here. " You mean he just talked to us? You guys were a couple of statues. We laugh along with him pondering on what had just happened.

  " He has a cute butt too. " Alyssa & Alfie cocks their heads watching him run across the field and suddenly burst out laughing. " I swear, i'm loving my freshmen year already." I laugh to myself taking another bite of my sub.

  *  *   *

I finally made it to my last period , World History. I look through the door's glass window on the upper left of it to see who would be in the class, and of course it was no one i knew personally. God you are just granting wishes today aren't you. I open the door ahead of me and walk in to the essence of pine trees, and polished marble floors. I didn't give it another thought before taking the seat in the back of the class near the corner. 

  Everyone was pretty much either talking to a few friends that picked a seat right next to them, or sitting in a wooden desk with a blank facial expression kind of like i'm doing as of now.

  " C'mon, I'll give ya'  15 if you earn it."  Says someone with a thick Irish accent calls after a girl who was walking to my direction. They both looked like two intimidating upperclassmen jerks. But the blonde Irish lad looked pretty familiar. 

 " Right after I drop dead Horan." She laughs at him as he wonders to his other guy friends in the class, but then she stopping at the desk next to me. " Is there a outlet here?" She asks , searching around my chair with her charger 
dangling from her hand. " Umm yeah if you put you purse behind the plug it'll look less noticeable." I push my seat closer to my desk, so she could plug it in. 

 " Thanks girlie." She smiles friendly. " Oh, is this seat taken by the way? " She asks pointing to the empty seat besides me. I shake my head an she doesn't give a second before she sits down. 

 " I'm Stella by the way. Aha, Sorry If i come off rude in future prefrences i'm on my "penelope." "

     { PENELOPE : Basically a secret girl term for period. }

    I laugh nodding my head. " Aha, i'm Madisen. " I Shake her hand that was willingly out. Stella looked like one of those girls in the movie who'd probably kick a guys ass, and he'll still go out with her. She was pretty. Like a hipster queen. She had safety pins in her  three ear-piercings; on one ear, and a turquoise flower on the bottom piercings. A pearl white flower crown on her  shoulder length wavy dark brown hair. A white crop top that even though showed a bit to much cleavage, has the quote "On Wensdays we wear Prada." Rings piled up her fingers, with denim high-waisted shorts. I barely knew this girl and i found myself already being jealous of her curvy yet slim figure. lucky b*tch.

   " Hay Sexy." The Cheeky blonde comes back to our area and winks at Stella. " Niall, can you like find a rainbow and like get ran over by gang of leprechauns already?" I can't help but burst out laughing from her cold remark.  

 " I will as soon as i buy a pack of skittles, But i hope i can taste your rainbow after i do." His tongue slowly and sensually runs over his bottom lip, and stops at the corner of it.

  We both look at each other before ewwing' . " You guys need to grow up, it'll happen one day children. " He pats Stella's head and she quickly gives him a confused look that made me laugh; while slapping his hand away. 

 " So why do you have this class anyway? Aren't you a Junior?" The blonde asks taking a gulp from her Arizona on the desk. I knew she had to be an upperclassmen or something, she gives that appeal. If that even makes since haha.

 She just shakes her head, sucking on a sour straw before responding. " I failed this class my sophomore year." She pulls out the blue schedule and gives it to him. I just look around to see if there's yet a teacher in the room, and there still isn't.

 " We got Psychology together. " He murmers 
  Her head immediately snaps up from her phone. " What?!" She snatches the paper out his hand and grabs his also. " Ugh, another class with the Irish Pervert." The blondey and I laugh from her comment. 

 " You've been quite." I turn to the Irish Pervert who just sits on the desk infront of me, towering me. " So what's your name?"

" Um, Madisen, but my friends all call me Maddi." I look up at both of them, but Stella was just busy fingers on her phone to even notice. " Don't I know you from some where?" He asks tapping his jaw. Haha, that jawline though. 

I try an ponder on where i might of seen him before because he looked familiar as wel- hay! It finally clicks.

 " Your the douche who bumped into me this morning. " My mouth widens and my hand swings to hit his arm. 

" Gosh Madisen that hurt a ton, please don't do it again, i'm so frightened." He says sarcastically ironic,  throwing his hands up and a laugh falls out of me and Stella's mouths.  

" So  if your from Ireland, what are you doing here in Los Angles? " I ask him.

" Me mam wanted to relocate to California, And since my dad had got a job here before we left Mullingar it basically fit all together." He explains with many hand motions. " And i'm glad, there's so many opportunities out here." He adds while a smirk sneaks up on his face. 

 " Oh your looking for a job? " I ask and as soon as I did laughter filled my ears, from both of them. What now? 

" Haha, no honey. He's talking about as far as getting his little member happy with a couple of north ridge girls. " She giggles covering her mouth.


  " Wait, how would you know it's tiny?" I ask and the laughter stopped simultaneously . " OHHH! Madisen high-five for that. " I look at him strangely then shyly high-fived the irish guy.

 " I don't I just- The way he- I was sa- But Um I- " We try to just nod and pretend we got what she couldn't even say. " Oh shut up." She says waving us away with her hand.

 All of  a sudden the door swings open and a tall lean man with a stern face that can kill; comes through it.  The whole class gets quite each step he takes further into the classroom.

 " Hello, I'm your World History teacher Mr Dickers-" " pshhttt." Niall laughs turning the other direction. Mr 'dickerson' just glared at him. " As i was saying I'll be your World history teacher for the rest of the ye-" He was interrupted by another distraction at the door. The door swings open and a loud chuckle comes through it with a curly headed, dimpled faced, tall figure. Holy. Shit. It Was Harry Styles.

 " Aha, Mr. Styles I think you have the wrong class, this is World History. " Mr. Dickerson says.
Harry Styles just stands there smiling to himself be for walking up to him and waves the blue paper in his face. " I don't think so, Dick." Mr. Dickersons face just tenses up from his remark and a few people laugh from it. 

I hear a couple of flirtacious " Hi's " from girls and normal yet glad to see him " Hays " From most of the guys. Niall motions him over him over to our area. Omfg he knows him?? Is this guy royalty or something? Harry grins making contact with the Irish kid from Mullingar, taking his time walking over here from replying to greets from other people.

 " Ahy, Horan and Rosatti,  you guys have this class ? " He bro-shakes niall's hand before taking the seat next to him, which was infront of me. " Oh god, i'll never pass with you in here." Scarlett grabs her Arizona out of Niall's hand before taking a short sip.

  I almost have a " W h o r e - G a s i m" when he turns to me. Jesus. " Don't I know you?" He asks coming closer towards my face, as his cool breath tented with peppermint hit my face. Before I could even try to attempt to respond, Stella says something.

  " Well She's a Russo." Stella tells them and as soon as she does it felt like kevin hart, my heart literally felt like it was going to fall out my ass. I cover my face in embarrassment when they both turn to me confused. " Oh my gosh, How'd you know that? "
  " You basically gave yourself away. You have Scarlett's smile, James when you laugh, and sarcasm just like Aiden, how could we not?" I frown.

" Besides why would you wanna hide the fact your not related to them anyway? Your siblings are aweso-" " That's why I don't want people to judge me by my last name. I just wanna have my own name for once." Niall and Stella nod in understandment. But seriously would you wanna spend the rest of high school trying to live up to your last name. No one does, especially some rookie. 

 " I get it." Harry nods to himself. " I felt that way with Eddie my 7th grade year until-" " Oh gosh here comes the story." Niall mumbles in a sigh obviously familiar with what he's talking about. 

 " You might wanna get comfortable Mad',we'll be here for a while. " She offers a sour straw, and I gracefully except it from the package; leaning back in my seat. 

  " So it was the last week of 7th grade year, All school year i was known for being Eddie's little bro, nothing else. Yeah i got good grades and crap-" " But he wasn't a social king like he is now. " Stella inturrpts resting her elbow on the desk, paying attention to the story. 

  " And it was some sort of adreniline rush that suddenly came over me to make me wanna do something before i left. " I couldn't help but think of how much me and 7th grade Harry were alike, i want to become something. Not just Russo. No, Madisen. 

   " - Then i thought. I'm going to make the biggest end of the year party ever. My mom was already out of town for work so why not have a party right? So it happened and I thought no one would show up, until they found out i was a Styles' and when they did my house became the' house everyone who didn't come must of either been in the hospital or socially unstable. " He said staring at us and occasionally turning around to see if Mr.Dickerson was paying attention. 

 " And after that he became a legend. Everything went down that night. Orgys, drunken fights, the first horse-ride showdown, body shots, people getting arrested including Harry but of course it was before he lost his widdo viginity that night. " Stella says in a baby voice, pinching his cheek and he pulls away blushing. 

" Haha, I remember that sh*t it you remember us and pretty much everyone was outside the door listening?" The Irish perv hits laughing Stella trying not to cry. 

" Oh gosh that was so crazy. " Stella shakes her head turning to me. " So crazy."

 " But anyway that's when it started, people talked to me, i talked to them. My popularity increased as my school years went on. I was finally done being Ed's bro, and i finally got my name said in almost every ones mouth on campus- " Harry explains as if it's so easy. Hmm, i wish. " But what i'm trying to tell you is that i guarentee you wont make your name until you literally make it." 


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