F r e s h m e n Y e a r // H.S fan fiction//

Maddi Russo Is Planning to do something that'll have her remembered as a High School Legend Decades after she's somewhere in London. Other than being that Freshmen who's Related to The best Quarter Back In Tribecca High, her brother, James. Or The Popular soccer player in Tribecca High, Aiden. Or her Cheerleader- Mature sister, Scarlett. With a few besties by her side she plans to make that happen her first year at Tribecca. But being invited through her Brothers & sister to the hottest party that August makes her life change when she never thought in a million years she'd be alone in Harry Styles The best well-known football player in Tribecca High she's been crushing on since the very first day of school, room with the one in only Harry Styles. But could that young hormonal time alone with him in there with her make enough sparks in fireworks to create a Baby? Maddi did say she wanted something to be remembered by, Be careful for what you wish for.


7. It All Started At Orientation Last Part!!


" So with that both grades will now take their placement test." Was what all 5 of us walked in on. That's right, James, Aiden, Scarlett, me, & two security guards holding both me & Scarlett by our wrists behind our back. " They're over there." James says pointing at my parent's shocked that we were actual escorted here, as soon as they're eyes led to us they covered they're faces with the back of they're hand, looking the opposite way. Wow, thanks. Principal Simpson's eyes along with every one in the autoturium trailed on each of us. " Russos." He mumbled in a whisper resting his index finger on the nape of his for head leaning it over forward. He continued to talk  to the parents/ students. The security guard shoved us towards them in between  seats parents/students were sitting in. " Hi James." This brunette with a Monroe piercing addresses my brother in a flirtatious tone followed by her three friends winking at him and giggling from him smirking back.  " Hehe hay Aiden." A lavender headed girl & a girl with light light brown hair with red tips who looks like they might be around his age greets him. Thirsty are we? He nods at them not giving them much attention. We make it to our life givers known no other then our parents. " Are these your kids?" Crash the chubby but fit security guard asks stern towards our parents. " Huh? Oh no, you see i never had kids, i'm gay."

Our mouths widen by my moms response turning her head a way from us yet again. " Not with us, i mean who un attends they're kids these days, especially in this generation." My dad also speaks. Unbelivable. " Dad." Scarlett says shocked that they would ignore us. 


" Jeez, just sit down all of you, didn't i say get here on time, you guys never listen." My mom rants loudly in a whisper. 

  We roll our eyes taking a seat by them. " So if all our new freshmen would gradually walk towards the door Mr. Fretino is standing at along with our Sophomores." Mr. Simpson says, as i turn behind me to see an older looking Jet lee man with what would seem like dried denture glue on the side of his mouth, send a serial killer smile to everyone that was looking at him gesture to himself. " Good luck guys." Scarlett says kindly given words. " It's not that bad, oh except for question 42." James says with hint of disgustment. Question 42? " Oh that was like a stain left in my life for eternity." A guy says two seats behind us. " I still have dreams.." A girl says traumatized looking; rocking back in her chair. Okay this freaking me out. " That was an awful question, i mean who created that to put on a test..." My mom asks looking into space biting her bottom lip. " I hear it was the same creator of flappy bird." " Oh i heard that too." Some one else adds. All of a sudden the ' rings' of scoring in flappy bird came on, causing complete silence. It was coming from this 4th grader in the back, eyes glued to his phone, tapping without any thoughts in the world. He finally looked up noticing the silence, only to make him begin to start again. " Freshmen, Sophomores." Mr. Simpson calls out impatient. As everyone in between those grades got up including Aiden & I. " Alright  let's go, you kids got this it's in your blood, uncle Vinny didn't loose a pinky for nothing." My mom says inspirational. I think? " Uncle Vinny in the mafia?" I ask in a low tone. " No uncle Vinny, the officer, yes Uncle Vinny in the mafia, now let's go Mija ( miha- daughter). " My mom says rushing me away as i did so along with Aiden.

   " So how was this freshmen year?" I ask aiden looking through my bag for my phone. " Aiden." I ask again, this time looking up to notice he wasn't next to me any more. " Aiden." I looked around in the line i was in only to realize he was with his friends. Thanks for abandoning me. 

 " Hay!" Acacia & Alyssa address me cheerfully; friendly. Before i could even talk i was embrace by the both of them. " Guys we seen each other literally last week, remember Chinos birthday party at Scandia? " I laugh as they release me. " I do remember beating your as 17/ 8 in laser tag haha." Brinley says laughing only to reveal her beautiful dimples that i'm still envy of til this day. " So have you guys went shopping yet?" Alyssa asks walking along with us observing our new surroundings. " Yep, you know how my mom hates doing things last minute." That was true i literally new Acacia since diapers and through spending a night over each other houses, fighting, laughing, making more memories, i pretty much know every thing about this girl. " Btw, have you notice my outfit?" She asks excitedly flaunting her shirt.

 " Ouu cute." My & Alyssa say complimenting her out fit, hmm if i didn't know better i would say she looked like a blonde scarlett. " And the shirt was at kmart for only 6 dollars, cheep right." She says twirling around as we enter the class room. " No way." Alyssa says completely shocked. " Oh & i got these cute ' I WAS BORN IN VEGAS' panties just two dollars under. She flashes the side of her panties towards us, they were rainbow with leopard print on it. " Lucky f*ck my cousin bought those last time  we went to san diego, but hers glows-n-the-dark." Alyssa says combing her hair back, taking a seat. " Oh my gawd, mines does too!" As i take a seat in a cold desk i then notice other freshmen in this class, along with Sophomores. Most of them look familiar from Middle school/ elementary This lady i can't quickly assume is a teacher by how she is dress interrupts us by clearing her throat. " Hello Freshmen, Sophomores, If you don't know i am Ms. Braun an English teacher, We are now about to take our placement test, any one who wants to pass out the scantrons?"

She asks brightly, hmm so she is a teacher. " I'll do anything for you baby girl." This one guy who looks like a freshmen tells her leaning back in his chair smirking at her, recieving punches in the arm of encouragement & agreement. She laughs dead in his tracks. " Cute, but i don't go for boys-" As soon as she says that she receive the whole classes attention. " I go for men, so we wont have a problem." She states, biting her bottom lip As the whole class is filled with Ohhh & Ouuu's.  " Ahy, you need some ice-?" This guy behind him offers. " Because you just got burned." We all laughed from his remark. " Okay, okay time for the test, yeah? Who's ready?" She asks with a wide encouraging smile. " I said-" She starts, then stands on the table infront of us. " Who's ready?" She says a bit louder. " WE ARE!" We shout thrilled & pumped up. "Let's do this." She said in a Valley girl's voice.

   *******************  15 minutes into the test *******************

   On question 24, I look up from my desk only to realize Ms. Braun eating pringles and flipping through magazines like a 13 year old fan girl, i then look around to notice all the cheating that's actually going on. In a way i could sort of understand, so imagine starting high school wanting to be with the people you known in middle school but you can't because of your testing score. So the score you get depends if a sophomore is going to be taking regular classes with their friends are biology & Kc prep with freshmen. I tense up from the impact of a pencil hitting my head. I squint my eyes mouthing Owe , turning around while rubbing the back of my head i see a guy trying to mouth something to me but i just didn't come through clear. " Huh?" I ask in a whisper tone. He rolls his eyes groaning, only to have him crumble a piece of paper and aim it at my for head , only for it to fall down. Owe I mouthed again, this time rubbing my for head turning around. Glancing at Ms.Braun to see if she was paying attention or not which she wasn't, i slowly lowered my arm down on the side of me, to pick up the paper and place it on my desk. My face was filled with question and i slowly unravled the paper. " Hurry up."  A girl with brown-yellowish contacts glared at me. Unravling it, no other than the test answers to lay right infront of my face. Hmm, I place it in the front of my mickey mouse tee wondering what i should do. Oh what the hell, i glance at number 24 Which is A, number 25 D, Number 26  B  ** 12 minutes later **
  Number 40 is A , Number 41  is A, Number 42.. wait 42 i remember that number, it doesn't even have an answer on the cheating paper. Flack. I bite the inside of my cheek preparing myself for what i'm going to witness on this page. Exhaling, i quickly flip the page making my way to question 42. Hay, it's not even that...Woah. ** Code: 734519 Due to the traumatizing scarful question, it is not allowed to anyone who isn't taking Tribecca Prep's Placement Test, Consider your self Lucky.**

 " Cheat much?" Alyssa asks nudging me with her elbow in my right arm. The test was finally over and we had about a few minutes after to do what ever in hell's name before our parent's got done listening to the rest of Mr. Simpson talk about. " I was not." I defend in a lie. I receive a death glare from the both of them, waiting for me to tell them the truth. " Okay, okay maybe i got a little help, it's not that big a deal." I say biting my thumb nail, trying my best to ignore contact with them. " If someone caught you or got caught don't you think they'll snitch on who ever else was doing the dirty laundry to?" Acacia asks. " But, we we'ren't cleaning clothes." I say confused. " Metaphor Madisen." She says shaking her head. " And your a Russo, you guys are smart as hell you didn't need to cheat, you were being lazy." Alyssa says grabbing a piece of gum from her bra. " What else do you have in there? A millon buck?" Acacia laughs to Alyssa. " Ughh i wish, hay have you guys seen Brenda, Alfie, Jay, Or even Richie?" " Actually hung out with Jay and Richie yesterday at Zumiez, they probably we're in another class or something." Acacia says as we sit on a bench on the side of Tribecca. " Oh my..Lohan, look!" Alyssa forwards her head towards attractive, ATTRACTIVE, looking guys that will be attending the same school as all three of us. " I'll bet you guys both a milky way bar  they're either Taken, Juniors/seniors, or Gay." 

   Mostly around here in Los Angles, If you see a cute guy he's either taken, much older than you, or go for the other team doll face. Which sucks but is just the way it is. " Which one would you have a one night stand with?" I ask Alyssa with a smirk plastered on my face. " Hm, you see that guy right there-" She points with them noticing. " I'd bang him haha." We all laugh and agree, he was a cutie.  " You guys?" She asks. " Um, the guy with the tattoo's and piercings."


Acacia says biting her bottom lip, eyes glued two his bare packs. " Eddie?" Alyssa asks her. " Um, i think so?" That name sounds familiar.. " He's brother's with the hottest Sophomore here, well besides Aiden." She says mesmerising his bod with the both of us. " Ew, stop." I say disgusted as she laughs at my reaction. " Harry Styles? I didn't know they we're brothers." Acacia replies. " Who's Harry?" I ask only to receive the both of them give me ' where the eff have you been? ' facial expressions. " He's.. beautiful. The way his dimples format, his big bright smile could make a person burning in hell feel like they're in paradise, the way he bites his lips just builds your sex drive instantly , his emerald eyes make they're way to yours and when they do, your just lost in them like stray puppy on the streets , because he has that affect,  and then his moody hair your never going to now if it's going to be a quiff or his natural chocolate  curls." She describes only giving me what my mind could build up of him, and he did look beautiful and i havn't even seen him in person. " How do you know him?" I ask her waiting impatiently for her to answer. " Because my Brother's friends with his older brother and you know how Nav is into sports, so sometimes they come by to pick him up and i catch maybe a little for others but just enough a glimpse of Harry at my door-" Alyssa says lost in her own description of this guy. " But it sucks." " Huh? why?" Acacia asks her. " Because the guy messes around with too many girls, he's a cool guy & has a nice personalty don't get me wrong, but that's just who he is."

 " Come on we have to get going to the auditorium  so we can check in for our electives & crap." Brinley breaks off the conversation standing up. " Yeah i guess, c'mon." I say pulling Alyssa up on her feet by giving her a hand.  

  Walking towards the auditorium with the both of them we couldn't help but glance at the older grader guys socialize & play foot ball then i see James. Of course haha. " Hay, how was the test?" my throat became dryer than sand itself, and my speech was off, ugh i hate lying. " i-i-itt um, um, it-t was uh, um, it-" " It went fine, just question 42 screwed her over ya know." Acacia saved my a**. " Ha, understandable oh and you guys need to make it back, Mr.Simpson is finally done talking and sports & electives are opening up. I'll be there less then 5." I shook my head in response as Brinley pushed me towards the gates, away from James. " Oh & btw i cheated too." Brinley says smirking deviously. 

  " Oh my ....god." She suddenly paused along with Alyssa staring straight ahead. " What?" I ask only to have them force my face forward to see...him. " Woah." " I know." We begin to walk slowly ahead as he passes by us and it feels like every thing is slow motion like in one of those movies






 He was exactly how Alyssa described him. Beautiful. All three of our eyes watch as he grabs a blonde girl i believe is Taylor by her waist and pulled her close to him, bringing his lips to her neck. " You won the bet." I say a bit unsatisfied. We let them two be , as we made our way into the cafeteria already seeing my mom's curly brown hair cover most her back, feeling out emergency cards and all that. " see you guys in line." Alyssa says slowly walking back waiting for our approval. " For what?" " Ha, student ID pictures."  Glancing at the line by the wall that made it all the way to the door we just came through. Oh fantastic. " Mom." I approach her, a bit tired rubbing my eye with the back of my hand. Turning around a huge smile is stamped on her face. She shoots up hugging me, twirling me around. " Oh how'd it go!?" " Uhh...Fine, it went amazing." I reassure her, glancing at my information she's filling out. " So i'm about done, ready to sign up for some sports mija?" She asks excitedly getting up from the table walking towards two women who seem to look like they work here, giving them my information. She lightly pushes me along. My eyes land on Scarlett in her cheer leading out fit persuading girls to try out as Aiden runs up to us. " Figured out what your going to do yet? Maybe soccer." " Or cheerleading." Scarlett shoved her red pom pom inbetween the space between Aiden & I's face. I spit out a few pom pom pieces in my mouth. " Or foot ball i hear their creating a power puff team this school year." James reminds. Hmm honestly i don't even know what i want to do yet...

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