Let Her Go

cuz you loved her too much and you dived too deep ( description on first page )


2. 2

Taking a step down, I stare at my painting. Squinting my eyes, I grab my paintbrush and add some more white to the stars.

Climbing down the step stool, I look back up towards my ceiling.

The white stands out against the dark blue sky, with the purple and pink swirls.

Knocking on my door, my mom asks excitedly,

"Maisy are you done? I want to see it!"

I walk over to my door and open it for her.

When she walks inside she gasps.

"Maisy! It looks amazing!"

I laugh as she yells for my sister Lola to come upstairs.

"Lo! Come see Maisy's painting!"

As she runs you can here her bare feet stamping the wooden floor.

She walks in and smiles, "I knew this would look amazing!"

"All credit goes to you for coming up with the idea." I say to her, laughing.

"I vote slumber party in Maisy's room, we can eat strawberries and stargaze!" My mom tells us.

Brock, Lo's fiancée, walks inside the room.

"Looks killer Maisy." He says fist pumping me.

Brock and Lo moved into the basement last year, after they got engaged. Even though technically he's not part of the family yet, he sort of adapted into the head of the house role.

Brock helped me clean up the tarps and paints while my mom and Lo went to get some food.

"I really think you could go far with painting Mase." He said to me, more serious than our usual teasing.

I look up at my newest creation, "Eh. Probably not."

Sighing at my defiance Brock takes all the tarps outside to the big dumpster.

I grab blankets and pillows and pile them on my floor, after opening a window which blew in a nice summer breeze, taking away the smell of paint.

I lay down and take my phone out, taking a picture of the many galaxies fluttered across my ceiling. Opening twitter, I write;

@MaisyBrennons: Finally got the painting done!

With the image attached.

After tweeting it, I get on tumblr, re blogging a few pictures of One Direction.

Mom, and Lo come back inside carrying all sorts of treats.

I grab a lemonade and some chocolate dipped strawberries.

"Is Brock not sleeping up here with us?" I ask Lo.

"No. He has to go to one of his construction sites early tomorrow morning."

Nodding my head I take a bite out of a strawberry.

I lean back against my bed and take a drink of my lemonade.

After a while of silence, my mom asks me, "When do you think you'll find a boy, Maisy?"

Shrugging my shoulders Lo says, "With her romantic ideas she dreams up it might take a while to find a guy who fits up to those standards."

Lightly slapping Lo on the arm my mom says, "Nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic."

"I'm not hopeless." I defend. "I just feel like I'm waiting for the zap."

Raising an eyebrow Lo asks, "The zap?"

"You know. When you see him, and you just know it's him. You get a zap."

Laughing Mom tells me, "I agree. You need to find the right person."

Smiling contently to myself I lay down and slowly drift off, dreaming about 'him.'

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