I bet most people think the song 'Chloe' is about Khloe Kardashian, right? WRONG!!!
It's about Chloe De'Mare and when someone accidently lets it slip her whole world is flipped upside down.
She's put in the spotlight of gossip, hate, love, and most of fame( the one thing she hates most)


6. Moving

So it's been a week since I found out that Rachel betrayed me. I haven't confronted her about anything, I've just been ignoring her and I don't think she's noticed. It kind of disappoints me as long as we've been friends you'd think she have the nerve to at least apologize. I mean we don't have to be friends again because frankly I wouldn't want to be but come on!

The whole Chloe ordeal has finally died down and I am getting used to the few lingering paparazzi.

"That's the last box" Grayson smiled and got into the drivers seat. I was finally moving out of 'parents' house and into my very own. After a long car drive I smiled as we pulled into my new house , my very own house, where no one can tell me what to do, not that there was anyone to but still. My parents had finally agreed to get me my own place in compensation for their constant absence in my life. It's not like they do all this great work around the world and were ending world hunger, they just didn't want to be with me and honestly I dont want to be with them. The house as a simple two story with 3 bed 2 bath, perfect for a family of 1. I kissed Grayson, on the cheek of course, saying goodbye and started unloading all the boxes. I unpacked the essentials hoping to get around to decorating later. Once I was don't I hopped in the shower peeling off my sticky clothes. Getting out the shower I stood I front of the mirror for a moment letting the now cold water roll down my skin. I looked a the faint scars on my wrist thinking about how stupid I was to let people get to me so easy a year ago. Once I was done I wrapped the towel around my torso and started to blow dry my hair. I was halfway done when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and answered it, I know not very classy but whatever. "Hey, we live next door and we saw you moving in and..." He stopped talking looked down at my pretty much naked body. I scoffed, typical boy. "My eyes are up here and  if you saw me moving why didn't you offer to help" I raised my eyebrow waiting for an answer. After a few moments not one of the boys talked so I just closed my front door and went to get dressed. IDIOTS. I paused in my tracks wondering why their faces seemed so familiar was it, no it couldn't be. I ran to the window, but it was...


A/N I left you with a cliff hanger. who could it be that it left her so speechless. comment if you think you know.

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