I bet most people think the song 'Chloe' is about Khloe Kardashian, right? WRONG!!!
It's about Chloe De'Mare and when someone accidently lets it slip her whole world is flipped upside down.
She's put in the spotlight of gossip, hate, love, and most of fame( the one thing she hates most)


5. Gossip

I looked at the magazine in shock, reading the article carefully.

Chloe De'Mare next over night sensation is now a soon to be London's new sl*t. She's been seen with two men on the same night, a mysterious hunky man was seen hugging her in front of her house as they made their way to a limo. Next she was seen with Emblem3's Drew Chadwick at their concert performing a choreographed dance. In a recent interview Chloe stated "what love life?" I guess she has too many to keep track of. "She's probably just in it for the fame. It's like she doesn't have any morals she's broken every guys heart at our highschool. I feel bad for her really." A classmate of Chloe's stated. 

I threw the magazine away before I could read any more. Why does everyone hate me so much!!!!! JUNIPER!!! I bet she's the one that said I was the schools player. WAIT, school. I quickly got dressed throwing on skinny jeans, tank top, cardigan, and beanie. I grabbed an apple and ran out the door.

"JUNIPER!!!" " YOU BITCH!!" Excuse my French but hey I'm mad. "Excuse me"  " I know you told the magazine that I was a player" "I wish I did do that but it wasn't me" the was something that made me believe her. I walked away thinking who could it be.

*After School*

I had a plan to find out who made that statement to the magazine. * Ring Ring Ring*


C-Hello, I have move information about Chloe De'Mare

G-Is this Ms.Green again?

Green, that's strange.

C-Yes it is but you can call me by my first name

G-OK, Rachel what information do you have?

I cried, I know babyish but come on it was my bestfriend that stabbed me in the back.

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