Pursuit of Happiness

you are the boy who wanders into hearts without knocking or wiping your feet. i am the girl who says goodbye but never really lets go. we are the aimless. the hopeless. the broken. the lost. (Description On First Page)


15. 15

"i love when you

look at someone with

a smile on your face,

and they break into

a smile back at you,

not because they know

why you're smiling,

but because you're

happy, and that's

enough to make them


( ek )


"Burgon! C'mon!"

Harry laughs at me as he pulls me out of bed, onto the floor.

"Stop.." I mumble into the wooden floor.

"Burgon. C'mon. I want you to meet them!"

"When I'm done sleeping." I say as I crawl back into bed.

"It's 12 in the afternoon!"

Sitting up I glare at him, "You didn't get us back here until 1:30 last night."

"You've still gotten 12 and a half hours of sleep!"

Pulling the blanket over my head I lay back down.

"Burgon!" Harry yells as he pulls the blanket back down, only to have me pull it back up.

"Oh my goodness!" He says in defeat.


Half an hour later, Harry and I are both sitting in his car driving to meet the rest of the One Direction boys.

With a smirk on his face, Harry says, "I didn't even think the water would work."

Burning holes into the side of his head I say, "Yeah. Have fun sleeping on the couch tonight."






"No. Stop talking."

Groaning he turns his attention back to the road, and I smile to myself knowing I won.

"It feels like the perfect night,"

Harry quickly reaches over to change the song, I swat his hand away, and turn the music up.

Looking over at me Harry says, "You really want to blast my ex's music?"

"Eh. It doesn't bother me."

I turn it up louder and sing along.

"I don't know about you,

But I'm feeling 22

Everything will be alright if,

You keep me next to you

You don't know about me,

But I bet you want to

Everything will be alright if,

We just keep dancing like we're 22"

Harry rolls his eyes as he pulls into an apartment complex.

Getting out he walks over to my door and opens it for me.

We walk inside hand in hand.

When we get to the elevator he tells me,

"You're going to love them."

I smile over at him as we step out.

We walk down the hallway stopping at the door at the end of the hall.

Harry knocks, and Niall opens the door.

Yes, I have researched One Direction.

"Harry!" he says in his Irish accent.

Pulling him in for a hug, Harry says, "This is Burgon."

The blonde boy looks over at me with a smile.

"Welcome to the family, Burgon."


To the ☾and back.

-Cat Zappe

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