When Alyssa has been being watched and followed by (idk stay tuned to find out) then kidnapped, what is her next fate?


2. Welcome greeting

Alyssa's P.O.V.

As I sit tied up, I hear muffled talking, and then a door open. I realize I have company. Silence lingers in the air for a few seconds and then I hear footsteps walking down the stairs to the cold cellar I was in. Not just one footstep, but many. I lay on the ground and close my eyes, trying to relax all the muscles in my face.

"Is she still passed out?" I hear a surprisingly young male voice say. He sounds about my age, 17.

"She's faking it," I hear another young male voice say. Uh oh...

"How do you know," a third voice says.

"Her face tensed up when I said that, that's how," the voice scowled. "Kick her."

I don't know what to do. It's not like I can make a run for it, even if I try.

I now feel a jabbing fierce pain in my stomach, and I hurl over.

"See, told ya," he says matter of factly.

I tilt my head up, and to my surprise, I see 5 boys around MY age.

"What's your name?" one asks me.

"Ha-Hailey-y," I stammer out.

"Liar!" another yells in my face and kicks me 5 times to prove his point.

"We know who you are bitch, don't lie to us, or next time it will be much worse," one spats in my face.

"Boys, lets introduce ourselves. I'm Axel," says a younger looking one.

"I'm Hunter," says one who looks as tough as a wrestler.

"I'm Zander," says one with dark brown hair.

"Name's Brody," says the one who kicked me 5 times. He looks like he has anger problems.

"Archer," says the oldest looking one, with a cold, dead look in his eyes.

"We're gonna try this again sweetheart, what's your name?" Archer says as he kneels down to the floor where I'm lying.

"Alyssa," I say quietly.

"Good. Don't fucking lie to us again bitch," says Archer. And with that he kneels me in the face.

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